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Explore Travel Agency

Explore Travel Agency

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Explore Travel Agency

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  1. Explore Travel Agency Expolre travel 4567 Main Street Raleigh, NC 02134 (718) 555-1234 Created by Teresa Huff The second artistic highlight will be the Ziggurat of Ur. A ziggurat is a form of a temple found in Babylonian and Assyrian civilizations. A shrine would be on top of the ziggurat with ramps to lead to the top. The Ziggurat of Ur has about a 50 ft hight. 2. Sumer-Dhi Quar Iraq Artistic Highlights Travel Itinerary: From Prehistoric to Greece and Rome

  2. 3. Cairo Egypt 1.Wiltshire England The third location we will travel is Cairo Egypt where the famous pyramids at giza are. The pyramids are massive and the largest is 450 high made with 2,300,000 limestome blocks weigin about 2 1/2 tons each. 5. Rome Italy 4. Athens Greece The first location we'll be visiting is Wiltshire England. The main artistic highlight there being the Stonehenge. It was constructed during the Neolithic period. There are large stones that weigh several tons called megaliths meaning "large stones" in greek. It is a mystery what their prupose was. There are many different theories, some say it was a temple others that it was a complex calender. Whatever the purpose, the Stonehenge is an icon and powerful image of the past. The next location is Athens greece. There are two main destinations we will be visiting. The first is the Parthenon on Acropolis. It is one of the most influetial buildings in the history of achitecture. The second is the Acropolis Museum. It houses many great peices of Acropolis history. One of them being the Peplos Kore. A statue known as a kore which is a marble representation of a young woman which was used to mark graves or as offerings to the gods. The last destination is Rome. Everything about rome is colossal. The two main attractions that we will be visiting is the large Colosseum and the colossal head of Constatine. The stadium has become an important part of our global culture. And the head of Constatine was part of a larger statue with a head being 8 1/2 feet tall.