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Vigilant Product

Vigilant Product

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Vigilant Product

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  1. Vigilant Product Easy! V-Series Intelligent Life Safety Systems

  2. The Vigilant V-Series Intelligent Life Safety Systems are the most advanced small analog products available in the market today. As a system, this product line can meet or exceed the competition in almost every measurable way.

  3. Common Features Integrated Ethernet controller Dual Line dialer/modem 2 Aux Power Class A/B Serial Annunciators Removable Chassis System wide Synchronization Programs from front panel or PC VS1 1 Loop – 64 devices (any mix) 2 Nacs (3.75 amps) 10AH in cabinet VS2 1 or 2 Loops – 250 devices/loop 4 Nacs (6.0 amps) 18 AH in cabinet

  4. Packaging & Installation - Shipped complete with backbox, chassis, electronics, and door. The VS series is designed for the systems installer and packaged to stage a job. - Chassis mount board electronics - Electronic option cards mount directly to the chassis with ample room for wiring and service.

  5. RS232 or Printer DACT/Modem Ethernet Option Relay Contacts Primary Operator Interface Auxiliary Power Outputs NAC’s Remote Annunciator RS485 Main Board Carrier Battery Connection Second SLC First SLC Panel Mount LED driver

  6. Primary Interface • 80 character (4X20) backlit LCD • Alphanumeric Keypad • 2 Programmable Keys w/text area and LED’s • Numerous status indictors for easy event recognition Local LED Option VS-2 only • Up to (2) 16 zone LED’s • Alarm and Trouble by zone (R/Y) • Last 4 zones can be Supervisory 1st LED Bi-color for R/Y or Y/Y by zone

  7. Panel initiated software features • Reports • History • Sensitivity • Status • Walk test • Adjustable Sensitivity Settings • Day/Night Mode • Pre-Alarm • Alarm Verification • 2 Maintenance levels

  8. Feature/ Benefits • Largest variety of modules in the industry Optimizes the equipment to the application. • M version modules. Let’s you centralize mounting for lower installed cost. • Personalities. Each module can be programmed to perform different functions maximizing application flexibility and minimizing inventory. • Electronic Addressing. Reduces installation time, improves reliability, and our mapping function identifies if a device is placed in the wrong location. • Ground Fault Detection. Eliminates frustrating hours of diagnostics by identifying the exact location of the ground fault by module.

  9. Feature/ Benefits No programming required. The LCD mimics the main panel display eliminating duplicate programming and saving installation cost. 3 Styles Provides installation/ application flexibility to meet the most stringent specifications. LCD with or without controls LED with common controls 32 point graphic driver with common control interface 24 zone LED expansion unit Electrical box mount Economical and readily available mounting speeds installation and saves cost. Remote Annunciators

  10. New Detectors V-PS - Analog/Addressable Photo V-PHS - Analog/Addressable Photo/Heat V-HRD - Analog/Addressable Heat, ROR V-HFD - Analog/Addressable Heat, Fixed Temperature New Bases B4U - Standard Base RB4U - Relay Base IB4U - Isolator Base SB4U - Sounder Base

  11. Feature/ Benefits Replaceable optical chamber, first in industry for analog/addressable. Simply replace the chamber rather than costly cleaning. Consistent look with conventional. Let’s you mix and match on jobs with a tight budget. Low profile design. Clean aesthetics provide architecturally pleasing appeal. Electronic Addressing. Quickly address an entire loop of devices to speed installation. Eliminate duplicate addressing or switched detector locations.

  12. V Series Detectors Removable Chamber Bicolor LED

  13. Vigilant VS Series Key Features Installation tools -Fast Ground check -Device communication quality -Quick add/delete -Incremental programming -Flash Device/test device -Simple PC programming

  14. Remote diagnostics Source Voltages Current panel status Device status Event logs & trends RS-232, Ethernet or dial in

  15. Remote maintenance Walk test report History report Status report Device Status Configuration report RS232, Ethernet or dial in

  16. Installation tools Fast Ground check Quick add/delete Device Communication quality Incremental programming Flash Device/test device Simple PC programming Default module personalities Automatic electronic addressing

  17. Integrated IP Optional Ethernet connection Upload & download programming Access to variety of reports No telephone lines for diagnostics Centralize service (end customers or partners) LAN/WAN

  18. Questions? Comments?