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Things to keep in mind when you choose your Toddler boy's toys. PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to keep in mind when you choose your Toddler boy's toys.

Things to keep in mind when you choose your Toddler boy's toys.

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Things to keep in mind when you choose your Toddler boy's toys.

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  1. 4 Things to keep in mind when you Choose your Toddler boy's toys Your toddler boy can be a curious little creature, on the constant lookout for exploring something new. In this age, toys become interesting companions and keep your kids engrossed for most of their time. Now buying such toys is not a child's play,however. With a wide array of varieties of top toddler toys present in toy stores, you can get several toys for different age groups. So here we are giving you some tips, which will help you choose the best toddler toys your baby boy: best toddler toys for 1. Toys should be simple 1. Toys should be simple There is a reason why board games, action figures and LEGO sets are not recommended for infants. Such toys might have several small parts and mechanisms which your toddler would not be able to understand, and it might harm them. Extremely young children have a habit of putting everything in their mouth. Therefore, teethers and baby balls are made of soft material. Sophisticated toys have several small parts which the naive kids might swallow. If the baby toy is battery operated, then make sure the battery case is secured tightly. Loose screws and leaking batteries are very dangerous for kids and might lead to some embarrassing incidents. 2. Sparking up imagination 2. Sparking up imagination Look for toys which can have several interpretative meanings. Children in their third year especially, become very imaginative and start understanding different things about the world around them. So, gifting them easy puzzles, big blocks, clay sets, toy food etc. makes a lot of

  2. sense. Babies can also use these toys as props for acting out their own stories from the imagination filled baby world. 3. Protecting the ears 3. Protecting the ears Avoid toys that are too noisy. The sounds which would be minimal for your ears might be deafening for small baby ears. Therefore, toys with a sound range of 100 decibels or above (this is a threat to your ears too) are a strict no. This is also prescribed by the AAP, the child health organisation in the USA. 4. The final checks before and after buying 4. The final checks before and after buying Most of the toys from reputed brands and companies have age ratings on their package boxes. Herein you can find the exact age range for which the toy of your choice is suited. After you have bought the perfect toy, just ensure that you have eradicated the plastic cover so that your baby doesn't start playing with it. Plastic is a health hazard because it can lead to suffocationincidents as well. So here are a few things that you can keep in mind before you buy one of those popular toddler toys and to put a smile on your baby boy's face. About Company: Kiddie Corner Toys is the leading kids toys online shopping store like baby gift, arts crafts toys, video games, dolls, action figures, Baby Developmental Toys, arts & crafts, Building blocks, and more. Kiddie Corner Toys –