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NIH Electronic Grant Application PowerPoint Presentation
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NIH Electronic Grant Application

NIH Electronic Grant Application

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NIH Electronic Grant Application

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  1. NIH Electronic Grant Application

  2. Getting Started with Electronic Submission

  3. Finding Grant Opportunities How Do You Find Grant Opportunities? • All applications must be submitted in response to a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) • FOAs are posted online in the NIH Guide for Grants & Contracts and at (under “Find Grant Opportunities”) NIH Guide:

  4. Unsolicited apps Finding Grant Opportunities Parent Announcements • “Parent”FOAs are your ticket to applying for investigator-initiated research • Use the Parent electronic application package for your chosen grant program (i.e. R01, R03, R21 etc.) Parent FOAs Parent announcements listed at:

  5. hosts standardized federal forms SF424 (R&R) and agency-specific forms (PHS 398) Electronic application through using these forms is mandatory for most FOAs. checks the application for federal-wide requirements. eRA Commons NIH retrieves the data from and checks the application against NIH-specific requirements eRA Commons allows applicants to electronically track the status of submissions and to receive/transmit application and award information NIH – Two System Process

  6. Registration • Be sure your organization is registered! (one time) • U.S. organizations obtain EIN from IRS (foreign applicants see next slide) • Request DUNS # from Dun & Bradstreet • Register with Central Contractor Registry (CCR) – identify the eBiz Point of Contact (POC) • Register the Authorized Organization Reps (AORs) who can officially sign the application and submit • Visit: • registration can take up to 8 weeks for international organizations. START NOW!

  7. Registration - International Tips for Foreign Organizations If you do not have an EIN number – use 44-4444444 on the application You will need a NATO Commercial & Government Entity (NCAGE) Code prior to registering with CCR. The form and instructions can be found at: Organizations with an address containing APO, FPO, or AE do not need an NCAGE code A few countries may have trouble accessing the CCR website. If so, phone: 1-269-961-5757 (International) For more details visit:

  8. Registration eRA Commons – Register Your Organization • Register your organization (one time) & register your Signing Officials (SO) • SOs register and create separate accounts for the Project Directors/Principal Investigators (PDs/PIs) • May be completed simultaneously with registration (as soon as the DUNS # is obtained) • Register at: Allow 2 – 4 weeks to complete organization registration in the eRA Commons

  9. Registration eRA Commons – PD/PI Registration • The PD/PI needs to work with the SO to get registered in the eRA Commons • The PI and SO need separate accounts because each has different privileges • PIs have one account that follows them throughout their careers. They can view all applications where they are listed as “PI.” The same account may be affiliated with multiple organizations. • SOs can view all applications submitted on behalf of the organization Allow 4 – 5 business days to complete PI registration in the eRA Commons

  10. Software Requirements • Forms Viewer Software (Free) • Adobe Acrobat Reader (recommended versions on site) • PDF generation software – list provided on website

  11. Preparing Your Application • Download the Application Package and Instructions at the same time. NIH-specific instructions are denoted by the HHS logo • Save the application to your hard drive – remember to save it after each change • The application includes specific data fields as well as multiple attachments • All attachments must be saved as PDF documents

  12. Preparing Your Application Avoiding Common Errors • NIH requires all application attachments to be in PDFformat • The eRA Commons Username must be entered in the “Credential, e.g. agency login” field for each PI. This field is located on the R&R Senior/Key Person Profile(s) form. • The Organization Name must be included for all Senior/Key Persons listed • Senior/Key Person effort listed on the R&R Budget form must be greater than zero For more information visit:

  13. Submit Your Application • Registration with and eRA Commons must be complete prior to submission • Only the AOR may sign & submit the application on behalf of the organization • provides a Tracking Number and a Date/Time stamp when you click ‘Submit’ – save this information

  14. On Time Submission • All registrations with & eRA Commons must be complete • Initial submission must have a timestamp on or before 5:00p.m. local time of submitting organization on the receipt date • Errors in the application must be corrected within 2 business days of the receipt date

  15. Errors & Warnings • Errors stop processing and will keep your application from being accepted by NIH • Warnings provide caution for you to ensure the item is correct, but will not stop processing • “Changed/Corrected” applications may be submitted to again to address errors/warnings in the two business days after the receipt date. • Initial application must have been on time • you must include a cover letter explaining your changes Limited Time!

  16. Tracking Your Application • It is the applicants responsibility to track the application • will send status emails to the AOR. eRA Commons will send status emails to the Signing Official, PI & “Person to be contacted” listed on the application • Log into eRA Commons to check application status; do not rely on emails. If it is error-free, you will have an assembled application to view

  17. Application – Viewing Window • Applicants have two weekdays (M-F, not including U.S. federal holidays) to view the assembled application. If no action is taken, it automatically proceeds to NIH’s Division of Receipt and Referral. • Signing Official has option to “Reject” • PI will receive e-mail notification if SO rejects application • If “Rejected” after receipt date for any reasonother than a or NIH system issue, the submission is subject to the NIH late policy

  18. Finding Help • eRA Commons Help DeskOnline Help Ticket : Phone: 301-402-7469Hours : Mon-Fri, 7a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Support for: Commons Registration, Application Status, Post-submission questions • Contact Center Toll-free: 1-800-518-4726Hours : Mon-Fri, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ESTEmail : Support for: PureEdge Forms, PureEdge with a Mac, Registration

  19. Online Resources • Overview of Electronic Submission • Frequently Asked Questions • Avoiding Common Errors • Training Resources, Videos, Quick Reference Materials