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Welcome to the 2013 Royalist Army Council Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the 2013 Royalist Army Council Presentation

Welcome to the 2013 Royalist Army Council Presentation

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Welcome to the 2013 Royalist Army Council Presentation

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  1. V A Welcome to the 2013 Royalist Army Council Presentation This presentation will be held on the RA Web Site and Circulated to CO’s

  2. Parliament Propaganda

  3. Agenda • 10 Mins Officer Academy R. Pearce • 10 Mins Regimental Returns R. Crookes • 20 MinsInitial Form Up & use of Drums • Achievements • Improvements • 20 Mins Blenheim Preview • 5 MinsRole for Tertia CoS’s Scotty • 5 Mins Alcohol & B/Powder • plus Dress Regulations Reminder • 15Mins Medals • Q&A Session • Complete at 12.30

  4. Officer Academy Richard Pearce

  5. Apology • Too slow in communicating • Last minute Drop-outs made unviable • Simple decision to postpone for One Year

  6. Revisit Objectives • To provide a development programme to prepare our future leaders • To ensure all potential leaders in the future understand their responsibilities and obligations • To use the best talent within the Society to further improve our performance • To better prepare for Regimental Command

  7. Who is this aimed at? • There will be two levels: • Level 1 – NCO’s and junior Officers for whom the next step is not Regimental Commander • Level 2 – Company Officers for whom the next step is potentially Regimental Commanding Officer

  8. What is the format? • The Academy will last for a year – September to August culminating in an awards ceremony at August Bank Holiday • The format is as follows: • Two away days out of season • At muster practical activities • Home learning/project work • Graduation at ABH

  9. Topics to be Covered • The Society – it’s mandate, objectives, history and culture • The role and responsibilities of an Officer • Health and Safety • Simple leadership and management skills • Events – finance, recruiting, delivery, negotiating skills

  10. The Costs • Likely set-up costs funded by the army/board - £1,000 • On-going costs (expenses etc) to be funded by the Regiment – circa £150 per trainee • Away day x 2 (£50 each) • Trainer’s expenses £50 per delegate

  11. Timeframes • Re-launch to Regimental Commanders at Army Council – March 2013 • Confirm 2012 nominees retained or not • Applications – Finalised by 31.07.13 • Go Live – September 2013 (Note delegates will need to be nominated by their CO who will need to buy into, support and be prepared to be involved in the course) Contact via Richard Pearce or 01420 88218 (evenings)

  12. A Brief Summary of Regimental Returns Rob Crookes

  13. Royalist Army Total 2010 - 2013

  14. 2011 – 2013 Tertio Comparison

  15. Newstead ave Turnout

  16. Initial Form Up & Use of Drums Achievements Issues Modifications Simon and Rachel

  17. Initial Form Up

  18. Achievements • Very successful at Newstead and Glynde • Good response from Public and Commentators • Positive feedback from troops • Drummers happy • Looks and feels like a cohesive Army • Gives all Officers role & responsibility

  19. Issues • Do this all the time? • Unsuitable terrain • Cannot understand drum commands • Start off in a straight line? • AoP will attack whilst forming up!

  20. A Battalia in Column of Divisions A Division consists of an Officer and a Sergeant with 4 files wide by approximately 4 ranks (about 18 men in total) A Battalia can consist of a number of Regiments

  21. March to the Battlefield. • The Army marches in Column of Divisions. • On arrival the Tertiasform Battalia to face the enemy, forming up in a straight line. • As each Battalia reaches their position they form Horn Battalle with Colours and Drums taking centre front position. • When in position the drums will silence.


  23. Drums • The Drum Majors for that day will make their way to the Lord General to await their commands. • The LG orders the Drum Majors to beat the PREPARATIVE. • The collective Army Drum Corps will respond with the PREPARATIVE • The Drum Majors beat MAKE READY. • The collective Royalist Drums Corps respond: MAKE READY. • And the Officers repeat the order for the Musketeers to MAKE READY.

  24. March On. • The LG will command the next preparative of the Drum Majors, to be repeated by the Collective Drums prior to giving the Drums Majors the order to MARCH ON. • The Drum Majors will then beat 4 beats then begin the Royalist March. • The entire Royalist Drums will take up the Royalist March as the Army Marches on. • At this stage alternate Battalions step off to give the chequerboard formation for the Army.

  25. Stand and Fire • The LG orders the Drum Majors to beat the STAND. • This is repeated by the Collective Drums and Officers, and the Army halts in a chequerboard formation of two lines of Battalions • The FORWARD Battalions will give fire and re-load. • The REAR Battalions will march through between the Forward Battalions with the Drum Corps playing the Royalist March. • The REAR Battalions will position themselves in advance of the FORWARD Battalions maintaining the chequerboard and then give fire and re-load. • The FORWARD Battalions will move up to REAR Battalions to create a single line of whole Army

  26. CHARGE! • DRUMS and COLOURS retire • All the Musket Divisions give a final Grand, coordinated Army Volley. • As Muskets fire the volley, the Pike Divisions go to the Charge • The Royalist Army Drums will play the CHARGE. • The Army advances as one cohesive body to engage the enemy • Drum Majors retire to their individual regiments. • The Battle script takes over.

  27. Phases Repeated 1 Phase 1 – Army Deploy in Line Phase 2 – Form Horn Battalle and On Command, Make Ready Phase 3 March On

  28. Phases Repeated 2 Phase 4 – Army halts and Front Tertia Give Fire Phase 5 – Rear Tertia’s Leapfrog Front and Fire Phase 6 – Final Volley and Attack

  29. Artillery • Artillery to form in front of the Army • Engage the enemy • When Army marches to attack, then retires and provides support fire • However their Artillery may be in the front line • It may be Brigaded • Responses are…………. • Counter Battery • Skirmish to front and Outflanking

  30. Cavalry • Lead the Army on the field • Interdict with their Cavalry • Ensure our Foot and Artillery are protected • Engage in front of Public whenever possible • Allow room for them on the crowd side • Engage enemy cavalry, but be safe and fight safely!

  31. Blenheim – The Muster you have been Waiting for!!

  32. WOODS Military LH SK LH


  34. Ruperts PHASE 2 ARTY WOODS Newcastles Military LH ARTY PUBLIC SK LH Newcastles

  35. Ruperts Pike PHASE 3 ARTY WOODS Ruperts Musket Newcastles Newcastles Musket Military LH ARTY PUBLIC SK LH Oxford and Hoptons

  36. PHASE4 ARTY WOODS Ruperts Newcastles Military LH Cavalry ARTY Hoptons PUBLIC SK LH Oxford

  37. PHASE 5 ARTY WOODS RA Battleline Chequerboard Military LH ARTY PUBLIC SK LH

  38. PHASE 6 WOODS Military LH ARTY PUBLIC SK LH Hyperlink

  39. Royalist Army Chief of Staff “Scotty” McConnell-Lawlor

  40. Army Admin for 2012 • Promotions & Transfers - pre 2012 • All issues raised after AC - completed by May 2012 however, • Several issues raised during renewal period • Two raised in last 10 days • Action: • Regt. Adj.’s to forward all outstanding issues to CoS and not the Membership Secretary • Regt. Adj to ensure that copies of all SK Forms are retained, electronically where possible

  41. Regimental Transfers • E-mailing of SK Forms • Generally successful and has sped up the process, however • Incidents with forms being illegible, poorly scanned or saved in unreadable format • Forms not correctly signed by the individual transferring • Child transfer requests must be endorsed with a signature from the Parent or Guardian • Action: Regt. Adj.’s must ensure that all forms are legible, scanned correctly, saved in a useable format, (i.e. PDF) and correctly signed by the relevant parties. • Contact Rob Crookes or Scotty if you need advice

  42. Promotions & Awards • E-mailing of SK Forms • Successful and has sped up the process, • However similar issues with illegible or poorly scanned forms or saved in a format that cannot be edited. • Action: Regt. Adj.’s to ensure that forms are legible, and are saved in WORD format or equivalent

  43. Lessons Learnt - 2012 • Lessons: • One person cannot run the RA admin no matter how well intentioned • Majority of Adjutants are very professional & proactive, a few need more support & guidance • Co-ordination of admin within Tercios & Brigades needs to be simplified • Record keeping generally good, however needs to be improved in some regiments. • RA Contact list for Regimental CO’s and Adjutants needs to be update • Issuing of Citations & Warrants at musters needs improvement

  44. 2013 and beyond • Appointment of Deputy CoS - Steve Hall • Formalise the role of Tercio Brigade CoS • Tercio / Brigade Chiefs of Staff to co-ordinate presentation of Warrants & Awards during Drill Sessions at Major Musters • Issues guidance for Regimental Adjutant’s role including lines of reporting • Continuous support & advice for Regimental Adjutants • Completion of RA CO’s & Adjutants Contact List • 2014 • Websites links for all Royalist Regiments on SK Website

  45. Tercio & Brigade CoS Chief of Staff Dep. CoS Oxford Army CoS Rupert’s CoS Hopton’s CoS Newcastle’s CoS Scot’s CoS Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj Regt. Adj