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Speeding Ticket Lawyer PowerPoint Presentation
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Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding Ticket Lawyer

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Speeding Ticket Lawyer

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  1. Welcome to Stabile Law Firm LLC! At Stabile Law Firm we are a full-service law firm with focus on traffic law and DUI - DWI matters in New Jersey. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve traffic violations.

  2. About Us Stabile Law Firm was initiated in New Jersey with an end goal to give our customers the best defense legal advisor. From that point forward, we have extended to include more lawyers, various associates, a rundown of specialists and support staff. Today, we are known for winning numerous cases related to traffic or criminal offense.

  3. Services We Offer We deal with the following mentioned cases: • Reckless driving • Speeding Tickets • Driving while suspended • Improper passing of school bus • Failure to stop for traffic light • Careless driving • Improper U-turn • Improper crossing of bridge • New Jersey DWI and DUI (Drunk Driving)

  4. Speeding Tickets in New Jersey • In New Jersey officers measures speed of a vehicle using radar. • A speeding ticket offence can be 2 point, 4 point and 5 point offense depending upon the speed of your vehicle • Having a speeding ticket can cause you fines and surcharges and can also harm your driving license. • In case, you neglect the ticket, the goverment can issue arrest warrant against you.

  5. What to do if you got a speeding ticket in New Jersey? Just Contact Stabile Law Firm

  6. Why Stabile Law Firm? • We have over 100 years of combined experience in winning traffic cases. Firstly, we discover the facts and the information or lack of information provided in the discovery and then proceed forward for favorable results. Our best DUI and DWI lawyer's ensures that you get the attention your case deserves. • Then we enter our appearance and plead the client NOT GUILTY. After appearing in the court, we try to dismiss the case, but in the event that the case is not dismissed and we have no issues we try to get the minimum penalties in view of the offense or we can go to trial and put the State's proof to its test.

  7. Contact us Our clients can visit us at the following mentioned address: 900 Route 9 North, suite 214, Woodbridge, NJ 07095 Contact Number: 1-732-602-7795 Public Facebook: Twitter: Google plus: Fax:+1-732-602-7796

  8. Thank You!