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Traffic Ticket Lawyer Texas - Tips For Beating A Speeding Ticket PowerPoint Presentation
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Traffic Ticket Lawyer Texas - Tips For Beating A Speeding Ticket

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Texas - Tips For Beating A Speeding Ticket

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Traffic Ticket Lawyer Texas - Tips For Beating A Speeding Ticket

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  1. My Traffic Tickets Why You'll Love It - - Ticket Dismissals - No Going To Court In Most Cases - No Points On Your Driving Record - No Ticket Lawyer Office Visits - Reduced Court Fees Send us your traffic ticket information Receive your free quote from We will evaluate your case and give you your options

  2. 3 Situations That Demand a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Do you know exactly when you need a traffic ticket lawyer? • Multiple Traffic Tickets – One of the most common situations you should call a traffic ticket professional about is when you are dealing with several tickets. A traffic ticket lawyer will fight for you and help keep your driving record as clean as possible. • Serious Charges – Have you been recently charged with possession of drugs? If so, then you really should look for a reputed traffic ticket lawyer as soon as possible. • Other Incidents – A traffic ticket lawyer can handle almost every violation. If you have had other incidents, such as commercial truck tickets, possession of drugs, open containers, warrants, speeding tickets, invalid driver’s license or no insurance violations, it is always recommended to hire a professional traffic ticket attorney to avoid harsh penalties.

  3. Reason To Hire A Traffic Ticket Lawyer? Every hour, approximately 4,680 Americans receive a ticket. That’s almost 78 people receiving a speeding ticket every minute in this country! • A professional lawyer can help you with the following: • A traffic ticket lawyer may be able to reduce your fine. They are skilled negotiators and are familiar with how the system works. With their knowledge and experience, they often reduce fines on several types of tickets. • At times, you may not even realize that your rights are violated during traffic stops. This is where a speeding ticket attorney can work to protect you • Lawyers are familiar with the best ways to fight in the traffic court to help you get you out of a speeding traffic ticket. • Furthermore, traffic ticket lawyers can save you money by fighting your ticket, protecting your rights and helping to reduce your fines.

  4. How To Beat A Speeding Ticket In Texas It happens to the best of us. We are driving and suddenly a police officer is pulling us over. Learn How To Beat A Speeding Ticket in Texas

  5. Tip 1Make sure you behave calm and predictably • Pull over to a safe spot and turn off your engine. • Roll down your window all the way • Keep both of your hands on the steering wheel while the officer approaches the car and while you are speaking. • Do not get out of the car unless the officer asks you to. • Let the officer know if you have to get anything from your glove compartment or pocket before you reach. • Do not make any quick jerky movements during the stop.

  6. Tip 2Make sure you speak calmly and with due respect for the police officer. Tip 3Do not incriminate yourself If you are asked any questions like, “do you know how fast you were going” or “do you know why I stopped you” it is better to simply (and politely) state that you are not sure. Do not say, “I am sorry I was speeding” or anything similar to that.

  7. Tip 4 – Ask if the officer would consider giving you a warning.At this point you should already have demonstrated that you are polite and respectful of the police officer. This is a good time to ask to be let off with a warning. Again, be careful about saying that you will stop speeding or anything that can incriminate yourself in the process of trying to get off with a warning. Tip 5 –If you have done all of the above and you still get a ticket DO NOT PAY IT!Make sure to send us your ticket and let our attorneys work to get your ticket dismissed. In most cases you will not need to go to court, we keep the points off of your driving record, and you will have reduced court fees. You don’t even need to visit a lawyer’s office. Simply go to and click the “Get Started

  8. Contact Us Submit your Tickets with myTrafficTickets now!! Visit Our Website: Call us at: -1-877-298-9099 Email Us at:

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