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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in NJ PowerPoint Presentation
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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in NJ

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in NJ

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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in NJ

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  1. Welcome to Stabile Law Firm LLC! In New Jersey, people are getting a traffic ticket for even a smaller offense committed by them. Finding a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in NJ is not an easy feat, but a necessary task to do. If you are looking for the one, you can contact or visit Stabile Law Firm. We deal with all types of traffic offenses and have a good approach in winning.

  2. New Jersey traffic ticket system • New Jersey Traffic Tickets is a menace to the people who drive in the state. NJMVC assign points to your driving record after every offense committed by you. • These points affect your financial status, driving license and insurance policies. Along with fine, surcharges are also imposed on you if you collect excessive points on your driving record. • MVC monitors the number of points on your license. On the off-chance that these points surpass a specific number inside a specific time frame, your license will be suspended. • So, it is always a better alternative to fight against your ticket with the help of a experienced attorney instead of simply paying it.

  3. Oops!!! Got a traffic ticket?? Call us now at: 1-732-602-7795 Or visit :

  4. What our lawyer will do for you? • Our lawyer will defend you in the best possible way. • The lawyer can even dismiss your traffic ticket or at the very least can reduce your points to the minimum. • Whether you are blameless or blameworthy, you can fight your ticket effectively with our lawyers. • Lawyers in Stabile Law Firm, devote their entire practice to traffic tickets and hence know all the technicalities of such cases.

  5. WhyStabile Law Firm? • Since our defense legal counselors works only in traffic cases in New Jersey, we have a phenomenal success rate. In fact, we ONLY acknowledge DUI and DWI and traffic matters, that's why our center and focus lies in DUI and DWI and traffic tickets only. • Many clients are not able to pay expenses in advance. That's why we have made an extremely adaptable installment arrangement for our clients in order to be a helping hand for them.

  6. Our Services We deal with the following mentioned cases: • Reckless driving • Speeding Tickets • Driving while suspended • Improper passing of school bus • Failure to stop for traffic light • Careless driving • Improper U-turn • Improper crossing of bridge • New Jersey DWI and DUI (Drunk Driving)


  8. Contactus Our clients can visit us at the following mentioned address: 900 Route 9 North, suite 214, Woodbridge, NJ 07095 Contact Number: 1-732-602-7795 Public Facebook: Twitter: Google plus: Fax:+1-732-602-7796

  9. Thank You!