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Traffic ticket lawyer traffic violations lawyer in new jersey (NJ) and pennsylvania (PA) - Mikethetrafficlawyer   PowerPoint Presentation
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Traffic ticket lawyer traffic violations lawyer in new jersey (NJ) and pennsylvania (PA) - Mikethetrafficlawyer  

Traffic ticket lawyer traffic violations lawyer in new jersey (NJ) and pennsylvania (PA) - Mikethetrafficlawyer  

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Traffic ticket lawyer traffic violations lawyer in new jersey (NJ) and pennsylvania (PA) - Mikethetrafficlawyer  

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  1. Michael Curtis Greenberg Traffic Ticket Lawyer, Traffic Violations Lawyer In New Jersey (NJ) and Pennsylvania (PA)

  2. TRAFFIC TICKET LAWYER NEW JERSEY • Once getting a Traffic ticket can be dealt simply by paying fines. But multiple citations can cause you difficulty. • Well, whether it’s the first or the second you’ll be punished in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Why get a traffic ticket when it can be avoided. • All you need is a capable traffic ticket lawyer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. • Michael Curtis Greenberg is an efficient lawyer dealing with cases of a Traffic ticket in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. His offices are represented by tough lawyers who can serve your traffic violation in a better way. • With a proven record of success, they have claimed several difficult cases and are considered as prominent traffic ticket lawyers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

  3. Martin Curtis Greenberg’s representations in traffic violation New Jersey & Pennsylvania • His representation includes all traffic violation cases such as: • DUI/DWI defense • Driving without license • Breaking of traffic laws • Failure in due caution • Crossing red light or stop sign • Illegal lane changes • Reckless driving • Over speed etc.

  4. TRAFFIC TICKET IN NEW JERSEY • New Jersey traffic fines & Penalties • Getting a traffic ticket in New Jersey includes: • Heavy fines • Court fines • Points into your driving record • Too many points can cause license suspension. • If you are a commercial driver the penalty can be: • A CDL suspension for a year if • BAC of more than 0.8% • Refusing for a test • Driving a commercial vehicle with BAC 0.4%

  5. Traffic violations in NEW Jersey (NJ) • DUI Case in New Jersey • New Jersey doesn’t allow plea bargain in cases of DUI. To minimize the consequence of an arrest if you are drunk, there are two choices: • Either get the charges dismissed technically • Successfully remove evidence such as blood test. • Don’t lose your license or go to jail. Take help from Michael Curtis Greenberg for a proficient legal service.

  6. Speeding & Reckless driving in New Jersey • In New Jersey & Pennsylvania, traffic laws affiliated to reckless driving is severe. You may even face your time in jail for a conviction of reckless driving. You require a strong defense to surpass the conviction. • With each speeding ticket, points are added to the license. • If the speed limit exceeds 1 to 14mph a 2-point ticket is issued. • Any failure following officer’s directions such as not keeping right, crossing stop signals etc. can cause 2 points. • Exceeding speed limit by 15 to 29mph • Improper passing of roadway, are issued with 4 points. • Traffic ticket lawyer New Jersey can comprehensively lead the case to victory. • Michael Curtis Greenberg’s group of lawyers is efficient to control cases of this kind without any trouble. In fact bringing relief to one convicted of these charges.

  7. Field Sobriety case in New Jersey • There are basically three types of sobriety tests accepted by the court in New Jersey. • The walk and turn test • The horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) • The one-leg stand • Once when you are caught in field sobriety case, you might be asked to submit the field sobriety test; so that, they can test your BAC.

  8. MICHAEL CURTIS GREENBERG • TRAFFIC TICKET LAWYER NEW JERSEY & PENNSYLVANIA At the office of Michael Curtis Greenberg, they provide a strong and aggressive representation of traffic ticket cases. With an experience of over 25 years along with proven track record, they assure you successful results. A majority of their clients, being out of state persons have got out of traffic violation convictions quite easily.

  9. Contact us If you are dealing with any traffic violation case, Michael Curtis Greenberg’s firm can help you. Contact us Pennsylvania office: 1324 Locust Street #531, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 New Jersey Office : 112 North 3rd StreetCamden, New Jersey 08102. Contact No : (800) 608-1350 Website :

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