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  1. Transfer

    USSF Referee Instructor Course ITIP United States Soccer Federation
  2. Transfer Lesson SET: Free Association game …. Write down the first thing you think of when you see each of the following words (bring list to in-class sessions): Vegetable Color ice cream boy happy circus birthday Your answers to each word depended upon your previous individual experiences. If all everyone in a class had ever eaten was vanilla ice cream, then everyone’s answer would be the same. We’ve all had similar, but different experiences. Our prior learning affects the acquisition of new knowledge …. It affects the transfer of learning. This module is on transfer and the teaching for transfer.
  3. Transfer Lesson Objective You will accurately list and give examples of the (4) factors in a learning situation that promote transfer to the instructor’s satisfaction.
  4. Transfer Definition The process of past learning influencing the acquisition of new learning. Our prior knowledge affects the acquisition of new knowledge …. it affects the transfer and the rate of transfer of knowledge.
  5. Transfer Transfer is one of the most powerful principles of learning. It is a more reliable predictor of the speed of a new learning than I.Q. Example: Two boys of equal I.Q. --- #1 reads Road & Track and works on cars, while #2 loves to read Shakespeare. Which one will learn the carburetion system of a new car faster? … (#1). Suppose #1 has a lower I.Q. than #2? … (still #1). Write down what an analogous learning system in which #2 should always excel.
  6. Transfer Two Types of Transfer Positive – process of old learning accelerates new learning (Write down 3 examples and bring to class). Negative – old learning can interfere with new learning Ex: A person that types only on a typewriter switching to a computer (Write down 3 examples and bring to class).
  7. Transfer To utilize positive transfer you must identify the factors that stimulate transfer …. You must deliberately incorporate those factors into your lessons. To limit the interference of negative transfer you must eliminate or minimize those things that interfere with the learning.
  8. Transfer Factors that Promote Transfer (4) Similarity Association Degree of Original Learning Perception of Critical Attributes
  9. Transfer Similarity Whenever two learnings have elements that are similar it is probable that learning will transfer. Similarity may be perceived: In the environment …. A student uses the library to locate material for an English class, then next week he uses the library for a Science class. In ways students think or feel … feelings that you bring to this course. You must separate learnings if the similarity transfer is negative …. Young students learning the words “saw” and “was”.
  10. Transfer Association When two actions or events occur at the same time they become bonded or welded together. The presence of one elicits the other: Bell ……. Fire drill Romeo ….. Juliet Snow White ….. Seven Dwarfs Write down 4 other examples and bring to class.
  11. Transfer Degree of Original Learning Whatever is well learned will transfer more appropriately into the future than poorly learned material. Child who rollerblades well has a better chance of being able to ice skate than a child who has never been on roller blades. A student who barely understands multiplication will do poorly in division. Careful planning and scientific/artistic instruction facilitates a higher degree of original learning.
  12. Transfer Perception of Critical Attributes Description of something as to what it is by differentiating it from other things, i.e. mammals (internal skeleton, warm blooded, etc.). Write out 2 examples and bring to class. The power of critical attribute, once identified, can be applied to any new situation to confirm or deny the use of previous knowledge. Example: Which Law do you teach first? Penalty Kicks or free-kicks? …. Explain why. Ball In and Out of Play or Method of Scoring?
  13. Transfer Lesson Assignment Write down the following and bring to the in-class clinic sessions: The (4) factors in a learning situation that promote transfer and give an example of each. Submittal of “Transfer” module assignments: Free Association words Analogous learning system 3 positive transfer examples 3 negative transfer examples 4 examples of Association 2 examples of Critical Attributes
  14. Transfer

    USSF Referee Instructor Course ITIP United States Soccer Federation