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  1. A TEACHER IS LIKE A Drumline Leader By Dawn Isherwood

  2. Whenever a new piece of music is introduced and we play it through once, our drumline leader checks with the rest of the line to make sure we can play it. If someone has trouble playing it, our leader goes over to see what exactly the trouble is and tries to help them play it.

  3. Just like when a teacher introduces something new, like a math teacher introducing a new formula, they ask if anyone has any questions. And if a student doesn’t understand, then they will try to explain it again to ensure they understand it.

  4. Metaphor: • The Music • Our Curriculum • Drumline Leader • Our Teacher • Bulldog Band • Our School • Basketball Games • Our tests to determine how well we are prepared

  5. Drumline Leaders and Teachers • Both the drumline leader and the teacher wants to see their line/students succeed. If someone is struggling, they will make time to personally mentor the person and help them understand the challenging material. • From personal experience, whenever I didn’t understand a section in our drumline music, I knew I could turn to the drumline leader for help. He would give me tips and suggestions on how to play the piece of music.

  6. Drumline Leaders and Teachers • They both want to motivate and help you get through challenging sections. They don’t want to see you fail, but rather guide you to succeed. • This teaching method is what I want to mirror when I become a band director; or maybe a drumline leader in the future if I am lucky.

  7. Credits: • Picture of instruments: • • Picture of the drumline • Dawn Isherwood • Picture of teacher and student: •