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How I feel knowing I have lessons missed that somehow need to be re-taught PowerPoint Presentation
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How I feel knowing I have lessons missed that somehow need to be re-taught

How I feel knowing I have lessons missed that somehow need to be re-taught

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How I feel knowing I have lessons missed that somehow need to be re-taught

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  1. How I feel knowing I have lessons missed that somehow need to be re-taught

  2. How I feel knowing absences + not coming for help = massive amounts of 0’s 

  3. What I liked originally about Edublogs • Ease in page creation – pre-created themes • Pages can be added / subtracted while having access to all pages at any time. • Posting your own videos or embedding videos from other sites • Ease in creating my own custom navigation based on my needs.

  4. What I like about Screencast-O-Matic • Ability to record anything I see on my screen • Ability to record up to 15 minutes straight on one video (unlimited with Pro) • Ability to upload / save to youtube, screencast-o-matic’s website or to a flash drive in several formats depending on my needs.

  5. EduBlogs and Screencast-O-Matic together The ability to combine: • Student blogs • Missing / absent work with completed notes • Video lessons for re-teaching and absentees • Teacher info • Info for parents

  6. Is this a dream? Don’t wake me up!

  7. Starting Your Own Edublog

  8. My page…the differences

  9. Getting started with Edublogs • Picking a theme Manage Themes ‹ Mr. Harty's Math Page — Edublogs Themes can be chosen based on color, sidebar options, number of columns, widgets (wikis, calendars, archives, videos, etc)

  10. Getting Started with Edublogs • Your main page Mr. Harty's Math Page Via the appearance menu at the top of the screen (under widgets) to add links to pages , posts, and find whatever class information you need.

  11. Getting started with Edublogs • Writing pages via the dashboard: Dashboard ‹ Mr. Harty's Math Page Place to create pages about you and your blog, rules and guidelines, and info for visitors coming to your site. Also gives you a place to add pagesfor units and lessons to give students another or first-time look at a lesson.

  12. Getting started with Edublogs 4. Writing pages for a unit: Mr. H's ACT Week 1 Page You can insert links to files you have (my notes and practice sheets) by downloading them via clicking “add media” and saving. This feature gives you access to use that file anywhere on the site. In this case, I use the hyperlink to access my notes and homework if it was missed.

  13. Getting started with Edublogs 4. Writing pages for a unitcon’t: It also gives me the chance to download videos from other sites (explained later) as additional visual help for students in case they struggle with a concept.

  14. Getting started with Edublogs • Adding pages from other sources: Mr. Harty ACT Prep Week 1 I created a page for the week’s work. The links are links to notes and assignments for our first unit that I uploaded. Help on adding Word documents, pdf’s and Powerpoints to pages and posts, go here: Help Inserting Documents, PDF, Powerpoints

  15. Getting started with Edublogs • Adding links to other sites. Let’s say you want to add a Youtube video to your page. Go to Youtube, find the video, and copy the link to your page. You can add a description to describe it. Embedding is an option, but with limited space, a link is a much more reasonable option.

  16. Getting started with Edublogs • Downloading videos: Let’s say you videotaped a lesson or activity and want it on your site. Simply click on the add video button located on your page editing area, select the files from your source and load them up! I’m going to show you a video I made of a short lesson on screencast-o-matic as an example as well as a video I used Dell Webcam to make.

  17. Getting started with Edublogs • Creating Posts. What good is a blog without starting some posts to be responded to? In my case, being a math teacher, I will be asking about life applications and additional ways to problem solve. Maybe you have issues with themes for a story, reactions to a video, etc. Let’s look at how to create a post that could lead to great discussion!

  18. Getting started with Edublogs • Creating posts / blogs – con’t Go to your dashboard and click on “Posts” then “Add new”. Create a question or comment that can be commented on by students. You will see some of the ideas I have for math on my page: Mr. H's math blog Comments on Blog Post

  19. Getting started with Edublogs • Archiving: Getting a few too many files or looking to start a new week, month, or unit. No problem!

  20. Getting started with Screencast-O-Matic • Simple as it says on their cover page. Simply click “record” and use the screen catcher to trap what you want recorded. If it’s a powerpoint, just open the file and begin. If it is a webpage, do the same.

  21. Getting started with Screencast_o_Matic • Additionally, you can feel free to move from file to file and site to site, all while adding voice to your video (up to 15 minutes without upgrading to Pro). When done, you can save to a video file if you want it offline, or save to screencast-o-matic or youtube if you want to save space. Can you say, save a lesson for absent students?

  22. Can you say, happy teacher?

  23. Getting started with Edublogs

  24. Getting started with Edublogs

  25. Getting started with Edublogs

  26. Getting started with Edublogs

  27. Getting started with Edublogs

  28. Getting started with Edublogs

  29. Getting started with Edublogs

  30. Getting started with Edublogs