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Tedd Arnold

Tedd Arnold

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Tedd Arnold

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  1. Tedd Arnold Kristin Michael Kristin Hedrick

  2. Biography • 1967: Attended University of Florida and earned a bachelor of fine arts degree. • 1969-75: U.S. Army Reserve, medic • 1973-78: Author and illustrator, Textbook illustrator • 1978-81: Creative director and owner of a graphic design studio • 1983: First illustration project Helen Witty's Mrs. Witty's Monster Cookies, published in 1983 • 1981-84: Advertising art director • 1984-86: Book designer • Beginning 1986: Freelance author and illustrator, presenter at schools • 1995: No More Water in the Tub! was published in 1995

  3. Writer Information • Genre: Children’s picture books • Has written a teen suspense novel – Rat Life • Seem to always have a quirky character who is ready for fun! • Fantasy quality about them or fantasy world • No specific subject, but does have a series of “Fly Guy” and “Green Wilma” books which all involve similar subject

  4. Distinctive • Fun, free loving spirit about his books and drawings • Quotes taken from our print source|H1000003155&docType=GALE&role=LitRC • Stephanie Zvirin wrote that Arnold's "lively pictures, filled with exaggerated, bug-eyed, cartoon-like characters and melodrama, should make this a childhood favorite." • Arnold's rhyming prose and illustrations found favor with Ann A. Flowers, who wrote in her Horn Book review: "Young readers will love the ridiculous incidents and cumulative rhymes, and the illustrations ... are hilarious.'

  5. Style as a Writer & Illustrator • His style is based off Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side • Comic strips • Also a bit of Dr. Seuss

  6. No More Water in the Tub! • Walter has just taken a bath and now it is Williams turn. Mom asks older brother Walter to make sure the water is turned off in one minute. But Walter and William have a different plan, they turn the faucet on higher. There was so much water that the tub broke away and started floating through the house. It picked up mom first outside the bathroom door then Dad at the apartment door. Just as Mabel was serving tea the watery tub mix headed for her door when if picked up her and her guests. The whole gang plus the tub and the water traveled down to Sue and Vern’s house. They opened the door expecting the pizza man and were soon swept away too! Patty Fuzzle joined in with her jig saw puzzle when she heard a knock at her door. Natty Fuzzle was babysitting Little Dottie when she heard the door knock. Little Dottie joined in with her potty. Mr. Bellow started a fire making a snack downstairs. But the gang put out the fire with their water y mess! William got a medal for putting out the fire. Walter always told great stories, which William concurred after this story was over. Just as mom walked in the tub has started to overflow….

  7. Teaching suggestions • Grade 3 in Language Arts • 5.04 Compose two or more paragraphs with: topic sentences, supporting details, appropriate, logical sequence and sufficient elaboration. • After reading this sample story, students could make up their own end to the story or a story like No More Water in the Tub!

  8. Awards • 2007 got the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Rat Life • A body is found in the local river. The main character, Todd has nothing to with it until he meets the rat…. • His first novel • For middle school readers

  9. Noteworthy books

  10. Noteworthy Books • No Jumping on the Bed! • No More water in the Tub! • Green Wilma • Parts • Rat Life • Huggly series • Fly Guy series

  11. Sources • (print copy)|H1000003155&docType=GALE&role=LitRC • •