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  2. Introduction • Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (1817–98) helped form the All-India Muslim League (AIML). • His educational proposals and political activism inspired Muslim elites to support the AIML. • Sir Syed Ahmad Khan originally founded the All India Muhammadan Educational Conference in 1886 in order to uplift Western education, especially science and literature, among India's Muslims.

  3. Cont… • The formation of a Muslim political party on national level was seen as essential by 1901. • The first stage of its formation was the meeting held at Lucknow in September 1906, with participation of representatives from all over India. • On December 30, 1906, the annual meeting of Mohammadan Educational Conference was held at Dacca under the chairmanship of NawabViqarulMulk. • Almost three thousand delegates attended the session making it the most representative ever gathering of Muslim India.

  4. NawabViqarulMulk chaired the meeting at Dacca Group photo taken at the Annual MohammadenEducational Conference in Dacca, 1906 SyedAmeer Ali established a branch of the Muslim League in London NawabSalimUllah Khan proposed the formation of All India Muslim League Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar wrote the constitution of the Muslim League

  5. Cont… • For the first time the conference lifted it’s ban on political discussion, when NawabSalimullah Khan presented a proposal to establish a political party to safeguard the interests of the Muslims - All India Muslim League • It elected Sir Aga Khan as it’s President. • It also elected six vice presidents, a secretary and two joint secretaries for a term of three years.

  6. Cont.. • It’s initial membership was four hundred in fixed proportions of the provinces. • The constitution of the League known as the "Green Book" was written by Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar. • It’s branches were also setup in other provinces. • SyedAmeer Ali established a branch of the League in London in 1908, supporting the same objectives.

  7. Initial Aims & Objectives • To create faithfulness towards British in the hearts of Muslims. • To protect the rights & interest of Indian Muslims and to present their demands & feelings before the government. • To stop negative emotions arising in the hearts of Muslims towards other nations of India.

  8. Cont…. • A committee was formed of 60 members to decide the aims & objectives of Muslim league. • Committee represent its report in the first meeting of Muslim League held in Dec, 1907 at Karachi. • A special meeting was held at Aligarh in March1908 to give final shape to the constitution. • The constitution of Muslim league was accepted unanimously.

  9. Head Office: Aligarh MUSLIM LEAGUE First President: Sir Aga Khan First General Sec: S. Hassan