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SPP & Campaign Plan Milestone 1 Meetings PowerPoint Presentation
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SPP & Campaign Plan Milestone 1 Meetings

SPP & Campaign Plan Milestone 1 Meetings

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SPP & Campaign Plan Milestone 1 Meetings

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  1. SPP & Campaign Plan Milestone 1 Meetings Version 2 Last update 4 October 2004

  2. Agenda • SPP Recap • Big Picture Summary: Progress to Plan • Campaign Plan Objectives • Campaign Plan Components & Responsibilities • The Way Ahead

  3. The Strategic Product Plan • Requirements • The SPP is driven by overall US security goals as dictated by: • President’s National Security Strategy • US Defense Strategy • DoD Strategies and Objectives (DSCA, DASA(DE&C), TSCs…..) • The SPP does not preclude reacting to foreign inquiries or unsolicited sales requests Regions, Countries, Organizations The Strategic Product Plan (SPP) unifies proactive security cooperation efforts and provides a clear linkage to national, DoD, and Army strategic objectives Capabilities Requirements Strategic Product Plan Links the key groups that drive the approach for proactive interactions with foreign buyers Provides a context for interaction when responding to unsolicited requests USASAC MSC/SAMD Prioritized Resources PMs Industry

  4. SPP Objectives • Develop a Strategic Product Plan (SPP) which will: • Develop and implement a proactive FMS system that enhances the ability of all partners to better forecast and resource future FMS. • Present an over-arching framework for all MSC SPPs • Align Security Assistance activities with U.S national security and foreign policy objectives • Identify strategic products from inventory, in production and in product planning that can be leveraged through Security Assistance programs • Identify high priority customers and prospects based on alignment with US objectives and strategic products • Optimize resources to drive Security Assistance programs in support of those strategic products and customers • Create strategic input for campaign plan development

  5. Big Picture Summary Complete • Phase I: Plan and Develop Framework • Reviewed Strategic Directional Documents • Created SPP Framework • Phase II: Deployment and Training • Finalized SPP Criteria • Conducted 5 Training workshops • Very good partnering sessions with AMC/Industry/PM/PEO • Revised Campaign Plan template based on input, created final template • Developed implementation plans • Phase III: Development and Execution • SPP Development • SPP Policy and supporting documentation (DA PAM 12-1) • Campaign Plan Development Complete Complete Draft Complete Ongoing : Milestone 1

  6. What is a Campaign Plan?   “A campaign plan translates strategic guidance into operational direction… …The campaign plan clearly defines the initial phase(s) of the campaign and unambiguously establishes what spells success at the end of the campaign…” Purpose of a Campaign Plan • The reason to create a campaign / marketing plan could be any or all of the following:  • To establish tactical direction and priorities • Building partnerships: to provide a coordinated action plan for campaign activities • To provide a formal record of campaign related decisions • To request budget • To request internal resources • To create dialogue with senior management • To establish who has the lead and who is following Reference: from “Campaign Planning: Getting it Straight” by Mendel and Banks Reference: from “Creating a Marketing Plan for the AMA” by Linda Lee and Denise Hayes

  7. Variations on the Campaign Plan The “Standard” Campaign Plan format will be focused on a system to a country, but there are variations which may be discussed during the Milestone 1 meeting: • Campaign Plan for a system to a region (awareness, demos) • Campaign Plan for a country to help them better use FMS (Iraq, Pakistan), for mil-to-mil relationship development • Can do a Campaign Plan ‘Light’ for efforts which don’t require intense activity but still need focus (i.e. if customer already has product in inventory, it should be ‘light’, or if it’s a follow on to existing sales)

  8. The Way Ahead • We are nearing the end of the SPP process, but the most important part is still ahead: Campaign Plan development • Campaign Plan Development: Completion 1 December 2004 • USASAC Regional Managers will develop country summaries concurrently with the SAMDs efforts • SAMDs will be the action officer to lead completion of Annex A: System Summaries and Detailed Action Plans, beginning immediately after the completion of the Milestone 1 meeting • Milestone 2 meetings have been eliminated due to time considerations • Campaign Plan Final Document will be compiled by USASAC and issued as soon as possible, with appropriate reviews • After Action Review to be scheduled for Jan 2005 • Mid-year review/POM • Execution – As outlined in Annex A, action item owners will be responsible for completing activities and providing updates to the defined plan owner

  9. Questions & Answers