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  1. Shouldn’t they have the right to rest in peace for just a bit longer than fifteen years? Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit Jeremiah All right, I’m going! I’m just trying to help…. Mr…Um…Mr Chan Ah….Gow? We’re civil servants. We serve the people. We have to try. Or at least show we are trying. Anyway, we’re about policies, not people, right? Nothing personal I’m serving out my bond What view is created of Jeremiah in the early part of the play? God I am such an idiot

  2. Aims • To explore the character of Jeremiah and consider how he should be presented on stage. • To develop analysis skills & know how to respond to a passage based question.

  3. How to present Jeremiah on stage? • Read through Act One, Scene Six in pairs. • Write down a list of advice you would give an actor playing Jeremiah on how to act in this scene. • You have 10 minutes

  4. The Passage Based Question • This is a compulsory question: you will only get one option. • You will be given a short extract from the play and be asked a series of questions about it • Some questions will relate to the extract directly • Some will ask you to comment on a theme/idea which is in the extract and relate it to the play as a whole. • You should treat them each as mini essays and respond accordingly – organised, PQE and plenty of analysis.

  5. Exploring Jeremiah • Hedges – something a person says before saying something e.g.‘um’ • Restarts – when a person begins to speak, then corrects themselves and re-starts • Interjections – a phrase someone uses in their speech, often to express emotion e.g. ‘Oh shit’ • Body language/actions – they often convey how a person feels • Reaction – how a person reacts, in body language and speech to another person

  6. Questions • What impression is created of Jeremiah in this extract? • This is a very comic scene. How is the comedy created by Jean Tay? • What view of the Civil Service is created in this extract and Act One of the play as a whole?

  7. What is Jeremiah’s role? For homework: • Think about what we have looked about in the lesson & read the ‘Jeremiah’ information sheet • Post your views on the discussion board.