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  2. How does the President make major decisions? Making the tough call

  3. Who helps the President of the United States make decisions?


  5. PRESIDENT REAGAN’S CABINET 1981 PRESIDENT OBAMA’S CABINET 2015 Vice President of the United States - Joseph R. Biden Secretary of State - John Kerry Secretary of Treasury - Jack Lew Secretary of Defense - Secretary Ashton Carter Attorney General - Loretta E. Lynch Secretary of Interior - Sally Jewell Secretary of Agriculture - Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack Secretary of Commerce - Secretary Penny Pritzker Secretary of Labor - Secretary Thomas E. Perez Secretary of Health and Human Services - Sylvia Mathews Burwell Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Julián Castro Secretary of Transportation - Anthony Foxx Secretary of Energy - Ernest Moniz Secretary of Education - John King Secretary of Veteran Affairs - Robert McDonald Secretary of Homeland Security - Jeh Johnson • Secretary of State - Alexander M. Haig, Jr. • Secretary of Treasury - Donald T. Regan • Secretary of Defense - Caspar W. Weinberger • Attorney General- William French Smith • Secretary of Interior - James G. Watt • Secretary of Agriculture - John R. Block • Secretary of Commerce - Malcolm Baldrige • Secretary of Labor - Raymond J. Donovan • Secretary of Health and Human Services - Richard S. Schweiker • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Samuel R. Pierce, Jr. • Secretary of Transportation - Andrew L. Lewis, Jr. • Secretary of Energy - James B. Edwards • Secretary of Education - T. H. Bell

  6. EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Aside from the Cabinet, the Executive Office of the President (EOP) is another body of advisors and assistants to the president. This includes the Chief of Staff and the National Security Council.

  7. What is the best way to share information and understanding? Communication is a “two-way street”

  8. COMMUNICATIONS What are the different ways you can share information with a lot of people? What are some of the different ways the POTUS can share information with the American people?

  9. PRESS CONFERENCE A press conference is one of the ways the Office of the President communicates with people.

  10. Engagement with Putin Press Conference

  11. Health Care Access Press Conference

  12. TAKE A LOOK How did the press secretary’s tone impact the dialogue with the press? What role does the press play in a democracy? Did you see evidence of this role in the clips you watched?

  13. WHAT IS A JOURNALIST? A journalist is someone who: Investigates, Collects, & presents information as a news story.

  14. WHERE JOURNALISTS SHARE THEIR STORIES Newspapers, Magazines,Radio, Television,The internet, andSocial Media. Journalists are relied upon to present news accurately, and without bias.

  15. WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF SOURCES? • Films • Tapes • The Internet • Social media People Letters Books Files

  16. ACCURACY Your reputation as a journalist is based on the truthfulness of your stories. Get the facts right! • A Reliable source – provides verified information. Accuracy Level – HIGH – A Useful source – provides often accurate information. Accuracy Level – MODERATE • A Hardly trusted source – provides mostly inaccurate, likely biased information. Accuracy Level - LOW

  17. TRUST BUT VERIFY Always have at least two sources to back up any information you share with the public and have someone you know and trust edit – read over – your work! Remember – As a journalist your job depends on your ability to investigate, collect and share accurate (truthful) and timely information.

  18. What is your role in the Situation Room Experience? Know your role!

  19. ON YOUR OWN… Read the description of your role. Answer the following questions: • What is your role? • What responsibilities does the job include? • What makes this job exciting and important?

  20. SHARE WITH THE CLASS… - What is your role? - What responsibilities does your job include? - What makes this job exciting and important?