12th november 2013 n.
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12th November 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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12th November 2013

12th November 2013

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12th November 2013

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  1. 12th November 2013 David Clarke MD Email

  2. How FD’s can harnessthe power of theinternet &social web

  3. What we’re going to cover this morning Assumptions… Traditional printed media • Church diares • Parish magazines • Yellow Pages, BT Phone Book, Thomsons • Newspapers Website

  4. What we’re going to cover this morning Assumptions… The 80-20 rule (Pareto Principle) undecided decided

  5. What we’re going to cover this morning How to use the web, social media: • to ensure families think of your firm first at their time of need • to protect and grow your firm's market share and brand • to get more locally from the pre-payment market (away from the "big boys")

  6. Google analytics how people got to your site what they did when they got there

  7. Google analytics How do I know if my site has analytics? Go to any page of your website Do a right hand mouse click

  8. Google analytics What can analytics tell me? Just about everything except the name of the person looking at your site Should be looking at least once a month

  9. Google analytics Default view is last 30 days

  10. Google analytics Can compare year/year or month/month or custom

  11. Google analytics Can find out number of visits to site via mobiles

  12. Harnessing the internet Have to do the SEO basics first

  13. SEO basics: Natural & Pay Per Click

  14. SEO basics Importance of keyword research need to know exactly what people type into search engines pointless trying to get traffic for keywords that people don’t type into search engines Good start is Google’s Keyword Planner

  15. SEO basics On page Headings and sub headings Use your keywords!

  16. SEO basics On page Copy – the words on the page Use your keywords but don’t write for search engines Don’t lift copy from other sources Don’t duplicate copy within your site 200-300 words per page minimum

  17. SEO basics Off page factors – META DATA Page title Page description Alt tags ..and more

  18. SEO basics Page title Written into source code by web developers Appears in search engine results Use keywords and branding

  19. SEO basics Page description Written into source code by web developers Appears in search engine results If you don’t craft it Google will!

  20. SEO basics Alt tags Written into source code by web developers Hover over image Help in search engine results

  21. SEO basics Alt tags Added bonus in image results

  22. SEO basics Site map

  23. SEO basics Site map links to all pages Submit xml file of site map to Google

  24.  SEO basics: Pay per click If you decide to outsource use a Google Partner

  25.  SEO basics: Pay per click • Set up costs • Daily budget • Cost of clicks paid directly to Google • Monthly management fee

  26.  SEO basics: Pay per click Keyword research based on “Funeral Plans” shows: Low volume of searches for geographic keywords such as “funeral plan Nottingham” High volume of searches for generic keywords such as “funeral plan”

  27.  SEO basics: Pay per click Why is this an issue? Small traffic for geographic keywords Expensive to run a UK wide campaign for generic keywords People may want to use a local firm

  28.  SEO basics: Pay per click What is the solution? Run a geographic keyword campaign Run a generic keyword but specify a footprint that your ads will show in Can compete on an even playing field

  29.  SEO basics: Pay per click Generic keyword footprint

  30.  SEO basics: Google local

  31. The “old style“ search engine results used to all look like this...

  32. ...with a map at the side of them...

  33. Google combines the old style results with the mapped results

  34. The new style listings open up into a Google+ Local page when you click on the chevrons or “Google review”

  35. A Google+ Local page looks like this..

  36. But first you have to claim and verify your Google+ Local listing You’ll need a Google Account to do this You can verify with a PIN sent by phone or postcard

  37. Why bother? Looks like Google favours businesses in rankings that have a Google+ Local page

  38.  SEO basics: Retargeting Chances are that 90% or more of your web traffic leaves your site without a trace

  39.  SEO basics: Retargetting • Huge proportion of lost business • We are able to display ads elsewhere on the Internet for 7 days after they've left your site • Sensitivity • Could lock down to pre-paid pages

  40.  SEO basics: Retargeting • Gentle reminder that visitors should re-consider going back onto your site • Ads could be set up to only target people who had visited the pre-payment page

  41.  SEO basics: Retargeting • Even if the display banner adverts aren't clicked a powerful branding exercise has taken place • Your remain on the "tip of the brain" of prospects • Prospects see your pre-paid ads at the crucial time in sales cycle • Elevates the perception of your company