a dream within a dream n.
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A Dream within a Dream

A Dream within a Dream

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A Dream within a Dream

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  1. A Dream within a Dream By Edgar Allen Poe Original Publication by Flag of Our Union in 1849

  2. Thesis • This poem should be accepted by Glencoe Publishing Company because of its unique rhythm and rhyme scheme which would be informal and not having a set number of stressed and unstressed beats.

  3. Rhythm The Rhythm scheme is not quite free verse but it still has somewhat of a pattern. The first two lines have three feet, while the next one has one and then it goes back to two feet. This repeats randomly throughout the poem • “ take this kiss upon the brow and, in parting from you now, thus much let me avow- you are not wrong who deem that my days have been a dream”

  4. Free verse • Free verse poems are poems that have no fixed patterns of meters or rhymes • Also it being a free verse having a different rhyme and rhythm scheme making it different then other poems. • This poem is unlike others because of its unique rhyme scheme

  5. Rhyme scheme • Rhyme scheme is the pattern of rhyming words in a stanza or a poem. • The rhyme scheme in A Dream within a Dream uses couplets for the most part with exception of two lines that rhyme in threes. • Each couplet rhymes different than the others except for couplets 4-5, 10-11, and 23-24 where they rhyme seem or deem with dream.

  6. Allusion • “Grains of golden sand” • Line 15 has an allusion in it • Back in 1848 they discovered gold in California and the grains came in because there was gold dust when settlers panned gold.

  7. Syllables • This poem has different number of syllables per line but not out of the ordinary. • Examples: • “Is it therefore the less gone?”-This one has seven • “All that we see or seem” – this one has six • “Is but a dream within a dream.”- and this one has 8 yet there right after each other.

  8. Motif • Motif is the significant word description idea or image that is repeated through out a literary work and related to the them. • Motif is in this poem because of the repetition of dream in which he was making a point to say that is everything a dream or is it real?

  9. Atmosphere Atmosphere is the emotional quality, or mood, of a piece of writing, especially a mood established in part of the setting. The atmosphere of this poem is gloomy in the fact that the narrator is leaving from a love one. This is show in the first two lines. “Take this kiss upon the brow!” “And, in parting from you now,”

  10. Stanzas • Stanzas are groups of lines forming a unit in a poem • This poem is set in a two stanza form but different number of syllables and pattern of rhyme and rhythm.

  11. Conclusion • Glencoe Publishing Company should add A Dream within a Dream for many reasons. • Many of those reason are: • Syllables • Stanzas • Free verse • Motif • Allusion • Rhythm • Rhyme scheme