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Information Technology for Cost Efficient Health Care

Information Technology for Cost Efficient Health Care. C o - ordin a tor: University of Veszprém, Department of Information Systems Proje ct leader : KOZMANN György, D.Sc. Fields of Interest. Health Conservation.

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Information Technology for Cost Efficient Health Care

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  1. Information Technology for Cost Efficient Health Care Co-ordinator: University of Veszprém, Department of Information Systems Project leader: KOZMANN György, D.Sc.

  2. Fields of Interest Health Conservation Improving cost-efficiency in the medical domain by information technology Improving the efficiency of diagnosticmethods Making diagnostic information and professional expertise available

  3. Prevention cardiology stroke Acute care Home care rehabilitation Application Areas of the Project

  4. Health Conservation: Expected novelties • An Internet-based personalizedrisk assessment and counselling system • Quantitative, factorized risk assessment • Personalized, optimized menu generation

  5. Internet assisted health conservation http://cordelia.vein.hu Services: • Dissemination of medical information • risk assessment • personal lifestyle counselling

  6. Risk assessment Form-based data entry Interactive risk estimation

  7. Evaluation of predisposing life-style factors • Relativerisk • Interactiverisk recalculation • Risk factors • Personalfood pyramid • Planned services • Several sorts of risk • Daily lifestyle log • Integrating Menu generation

  8. Dietary counselling via intelligent menu generation

  9. Acute/clinical care: Expected novelties • “Telestroke”inter-institutional teleconsulting system including decision support services • True-color data transmission • CNN based feature extraction for stroke detection • Data retrieval based on image features • Communication devices for patients of intensive care departments • High resolution body surface potential mapping (BSPM) system with decision support services • Ischemia BSPMinterpretation • Detection of electrical substrate of malignant arrhytmias

  10. Topology of the inter-institutional Telestroke system

  11. Telestroke system in use

  12. CNN based stroke diagnosis support system C B A D E A: Patological input image B, D: early signs of stroke marked by expert C, E: early signs of stroke marked by CNN

  13. NeuRadIR – searching the stroke database

  14. Data acquisition with the 64 channelBSPM system

  15. Chronic care/rehabilitation:Expected novelties • Remote monitoring system for cardiologic patients • Development of patient units accessed by Bluetooth protocol • Mobile or PSTN connection between the patient, the monitoring centre and the general practitioner • Personalized detection of significant relative changes • Monitoring and rehabilitation systems for cerebrovascular patients • State monitoring of cerebrovascular patients via motion analysis • Cognitive-state monitoring of cerebrovascular patients

  16. Remote monitoring in cardiology Data center and automatic evaluation 24 hourmonitoring service GP Ambulence Patients

  17. Bluetooth interfaced patient unit Bluetooth unit integrated in the patient unit

  18. Automatic Evaluation of ECG parameter changes Minnesota codeselection and decision based on 424 rules

  19. Internet-based monitoring of hand motion

  20. State monitoring via motion analysisExample for a static test: drawing a square

  21. Communication decices to help the disabled With a Communicator: With a sentence editor program: Communication is supported by a robust, giant keyboard and software on the client and on the server

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