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  1. Capitalization

  2. Rules the first word in every sentence the pronoun I proper nouns Examples The good student took notes in class. My friend and I like to read the same books. LeBron James, Jefferson Middle School, Delphos, Ohio Always Capitalize

  3. geographical names (places on a map) the names of organizations, teams, businesses, institutions, and government bodies the names of special events, holidays, and calendar items Ohio, Mississippi River, Canada, Rocky Mountains, First Street, Yellowstone National Park, the Midwest Boy Scouts, Cleveland Browns, Krendl Machine Co., Inc., The Ohio State University, Central Intelligence Agency Canal Days, Labor Day, Saturday, November, April Fool’s Day

  4. the names of historical events and periods names of nationalities, races, and people the brand names of business products the names of ships, trains, airplanes, spacecraft, buildings, and other structures, and monuments and awards Boston Tea Party, World War II, Great Depression Mexican, Caucasian, Cherokees Chevy truck, Goodyear tire, Dell computer Santa Maria, Metroliner, Columbia, Hoover Dam, Ohio Stadium, Lincoln Memorial, Pulitzer Prize

  5. the names of religions and their followers, holy days, sacred writings, and specific deities the names of planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies proper adjectives certain abbreviations Christianity, Christians, Easter, Bible, God, Allah, Jehovah Mars, Big Dipper, Milky Way Swiss watches, Christian beliefs, Mexican food M.D., Mr., Ms., Mrs., FBI, TV, UN, U.S., NAACP

  6. the title of a person when the title comes before a name a title alone when the title refers to someone holding a high office a title used alone in direct address Judge O’ Connor, Principal Moreo, Mayor Neumeier, Senator Voinovich The President vetoed the law. Judy Klein, club president, led the meeting. Can you see another patient, Doctor?

  7. a word showing a family relationship when the word is used before or in place of a person’s name (Don’t capitalize a word showing a family relationship when a possessive comes before it.) Are Uncle Bill and Aunt Jane here yet? I wrote Grandpa Wilson yesterday. Either Mom or Dad will drive us to the show. My cousin Dena and her niece Leann made these baskets.

  8. the first and last words and all important words in titles and subtitles of books, magazines, newspapers, poems, short stories, plays, movies, TV shows, works of art, and musical works My Brother Sam is Dead Sports Illustrated for Kids The Lima News The Raven The Red Badge of Courage Fiddler on the Roof Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith The Mona Lisa Fur Elise Link to capitalizing titles website

  9. names of school subjects, except languages and course names followed by a number I got an A on my math test. I got an A on my English test. In college, I will take Math 101. Don’t Capitalize: