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Unit 2 As soon as it's 12 o'clock...

Unit 2 As soon as it's 12 o'clock. Revision. US holidays. Public holiday 为“法定假日 , 公共假日”的意思 , 在美国实际上没有国家法定假日 , 因为每个州都有权规定它自己的假日。中央 ( 联邦 ) 政府只能为它自己的雇员规定休息日。但是 , 所有的州都把联邦政府规定的这一天假日定为公共假日。美国的法定假日一般有九个 。. Federal Public Holidays 国定假日. 实际上,所有州还庆祝一些其它的节日,重要者如下∶. 其它美国节日 :. New Year’s Day

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Unit 2 As soon as it's 12 o'clock...

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  1. Unit 2 As soon as it's 12 o'clock...

  2. Revision US holidays Public holiday 为“法定假日, 公共假日”的意思, 在美国实际上没有国家法定假日, 因为每个州都有权规定它自己的假日。中央(联邦)政府只能为它自己的雇员规定休息日。但是, 所有的州都把联邦政府规定的这一天假日定为公共假日。美国的法定假日一般有九个。

  3. Federal Public Holidays 国定假日

  4. 实际上,所有州还庆祝一些其它的节日,重要者如下∶

  5. 其它美国节日:

  6. New Year’s Day 新年 (January 1st)

  7. Martin Luther King Day 马丁路德金的生日纪念日 (The third Monday of January / January 15th)

  8. President’s Day Washington’s Birthday 总统日 (The third Monday of February)

  9. Memorial Day 阵亡将士纪念日 (The last Monday of May)

  10. Independence Day 独立纪念日 (July 4th) (国庆节)

  11. Labour Day 劳动节 (The first Monday of September)

  12. Columbus Day哥伦布纪念日 (The second Monday of October)

  13. Thanksgiving Day 感恩节 (The fourth Thursday of November)

  14. Veteran‘s Day 退伍军人节 (November 11th)

  15. Christmas Day圣诞节 (December 25th)

  16. Other special days Washington’s birthday (January 22nd) Lincoln’s birthday (January 12th)

  17. Good Friday 受难节 (The Friday before Easter)

  18. Other holidays Valentine's Day 情人节(February 14th) St. Patrick‘s Day 圣帕特里克节 (March 17th)

  19. Easter复活节 (三月二十一日后第一次月圆后的第一个星期日)

  20. Mother’s Day 母亲节 (The second Sunday of May) Father’s Day父亲节 (The third Sunday of June)

  21. Halloween万圣节前夕 (October 31st)

  22. US Vote Day 十一月第一个星期之后的星期二

  23. Flag Day 国旗制定纪念日

  24. Vocabulary Look at the picture below. Which words can you use to describe it? bright lights busy celebration city countryside dark dull exciting fireworks night noisy quiet tall buildings

  25. Reading Read the passage, match the topic with the paragraphs. • A family day • b. Different ways of celebrating • c. Making plans for the new year • d. New Year’s Eve in New York • e. An ending and a beginning Paragraph 3 Paragraph 1 Paragraph 4 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 5

  26. Read the passage and answer the questions • Do people celebrate the New Year in the same way all over the world? • Do people always celebrate the New Year at the same time? --No, they don’t. --No, they don’t.

  27. 3. Where do many people in New York go to celebrate the New Year? 4. What songs do people sing at the New Year? --They go to Times Square. --They sing Traditional songs. Sometimes they sing Auld Lang Syne.

  28. 5. What special things happen at twelve o’clock? 6. What special things do people do on New Year’s Day? --There are fireworks and special drinks. They make a list of resolutions and read it to their family or friends. They get together for a special meal, and they go out for a walk.

  29. 7. What do people write on New Year’s Day? 8. What New Year resolutions do students make? --They write their New Year’s resolutions. --They make resolutions about studying. --Such as “I’ll help out more at home. I will work harder at school” or “I won’t spend so much time playing video games.”

  30. Listen and sound reading Listen and imitate the pronunciation and intonation. Practice the sound reading

  31. Language points over the world in the same way on the same date depend on start doing sth. times Square have fun count down as soon as get together make solutions a list of such as help out spend…(in) doing sth. promise to do sth.

  32. 1. as soon as 一…就… as soon as 引导时间状语从句, 用一般现在时态表示将来。 类似的还有由“when, until, as”等引导的时间状语从句和由“if”引导的条件状语从句。 -- I’ll call you as soon as I get there. --What are you going to bewhen you grow up? --He won’t go to bed until his mother comes back. --We’ll go to the park if it doesn’t rain tomorrow.

  33. 2. However, not all countries celebrate in the same way,… A. however = no matter how意为“无论如何”, 引导让步状语从句。 however 不可与but连用 B. not all… / all…not 部分否定 “并非所有的” 否定用“none” 类似用法的词有: both (neither), everybody (none)

  34. B. in the same way in the way 按……的方法, 挡道 on the way by the way in a way 在某种意义上 all the way 一路上,全程 Please move the chair. It is in the way. Do it in the way he showed you. On the way to work, she met a friend. By the way, have you seen Mary today? In a way he is right. He ran all the way to the station.

  35. 3. depend on意为“取决于、依赖于、依靠” --健康在于合理的饮食和充足的睡眠。 Health depends on good food and enough sleep. --我指望你来做这件事。 I depend on you to do it. --你可以信赖我。 You can depend on me. --这要看你住在哪儿。 It depends (on) where you live.

  36. 4. make resolutions 你许下新年愿望了吗? --Have you made any New Year resolutions? 新年伊始,刘飞下决心不再玩电脑游戏 了。 --Liu Fei has made a New Year resolution to stop playing computer games.

  37. 5. Help out … 帮助某人解决困难 --The student helps out in his mum’s shop when he is on holiday. --Her parents helped her out with some money when she lost her job. 6. Out with the old year and in with the new! 辞旧迎新。

  38. 7. Times Square 时报广场 被称为“世界十字路口”的时报广场庆祝了100周年诞辰。1904年之前,百老汇大道和第七大道交叉的地带称为“长亩广场”(Long Acre Square,那年,《纽约时报》将总部搬到那里,为了表示庆贺,纽约市长麦克莱恩(George McClellan)将“长亩广场”改名为“时报广场”。  同年10月,时报广场地铁站开通。也是从那年开始,纽约市每年在时报广场举行盛大的新年庆祝活动,这个传统已延续了整整一个世纪。时报广场新年庆典每年吸引100万人,号称全世界规模最大。

  39. Exercise Complete the passage with the words and expressions in the box. • special 2. party 3. get together • traditional 5. suddenly 6. count down • 7. fireworks 8. spend 7. resolutions

  40. Writing Study the sentences in the first box. And then try to write your own New Year’s Resolutins.

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