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Morality And God

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Morality And God
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Morality And God

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  1. Morality And God Can you have a morality without a deity?

  2. Morality with deity arguments • Human morality is too chaotic to determine good and bad. • The only way we can truly determine good and evil is if there is an objective deity who can make a true moral judgement of right and wrong. • The guide of right and wrong left by this deity would be an objective and logical way to determine true justice.

  3. Morality without deity arguments • It is true that individual justice is not true and correct justice, but the concept of a god being needed for true morality is not entirely plausible either. • Many atheists have a very strong sense of right and wrong, even though they do not believe in a deity or follow any divine teachings. • Indeed, many atheists do the right thing for the right reason e.g., because they believe it is the right thing to do, where many theists will do the same for the wrong reasons e.g., because they are afraid of a god punishing them. • This makes the act of the atheist a good moral act taken for the correct reasons and out of their own free will, whereas the theist is doing the act for the wrong reasons and not out of their own free will.

  4. definitions Definition of God: • A deity, possibly one of a group of deities, who controls some aspect of the universe. Definition of Morality: • An individual’s own set of values and ethics. • Does Morality really seem like it needs God?

  5. Expansion on topic • If you want some extra ideas on this topic, follow these links to see part of a debate about this topic. • • • Links may not work (sorry!)