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GPS Technology & School Transportation

Synovia - FAPT. GPS Technology & School Transportation. Florida Association for Pupil Transportation. Requirements For A Successful GPS System. Company has School Bus Specific Experience Application Designed Specifically for School Transportation Management Data is “Live Time Real Time”

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GPS Technology & School Transportation

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  1. Synovia - FAPT GPS Technology & School Transportation Florida Association for Pupil Transportation

  2. Requirements For A Successful GPS System • Company has School Bus Specific Experience • Application Designed Specifically for School Transportation Management • Data is “Live Time Real Time” • Hardware • Proven – Not Beta • Firmware Updated Over the Air • Store and Forward Feature • Signal Receipt and Acknowledgement Feature

  3. Requirements For A Successful GPS System • Hardware Installation • Install Crew Experienced in School Bus Installations • Install for Long Haul – Solid and Firm • Electrical Connections • Installation Guaranteed for at Least 1 Year • Software Features • “Live Time Real Time” and Historical Reporting • Useful Management Reports

  4. Requirements For A Successful GPS System • Offers Comparative Analysis of Planned vrs Actual Operations (Planned Route Data Auto Secured from Routing System) • Offers a Local Map Option (Makes Use of Local Map Updated Regularly by District) • Offers District Controlled Server and Company Hosted Server Options • Customers that Are Successful and Happy with Solution. (Talk to Several from Customer List)

  5. Emerging Technologies with GPS • Driver Tracking and Payroll • Student Tracking • Sub-Driver - Driver Direction Terminal • Integrating AVL/GPS/Driver Data with: • Payroll System • Vehicle Maintenance System • State Reporting • Mileage • Student ridership • Field Trip system • School District Report Card System

  6. Setting the Standard for School Bus Tracking • 6+ Years of school transportation GPS focus • 100% Customer retention • 110 Years of industry experience • 4,500+ GPS systems on school buses • Over 40 customers in 14 states • Fully integrated solutions (routing/payroll)

  7. School Transportation Success • Flagler County Public Schools, FL – 150 Total Buses • Marion County Public Schools, FL - Contract • Fairfax County, VA – 1,600 Total Buses • Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC – 1,400 Total Buses • Houston ISD, TX – 900 Total Buses • Forsyth County, GA – 350 Total Buses • Indianapolis Public Schools, IN – 250 Total Buses • Davis School District, UT – 210 Total Buses

  8. How does it work? HARDWARE • GPS units are installed on the buses and automatically report live data • Options include student tracking technologies such as RFID and MDTs COMMUNICATIONS • The system sends information in real-time over cellular networks (AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, Verizon, etc) SOFTWARE • Synovia software allows you to track buses and create management reports both live and historically • Synovia can integrate with any routing data

  9. Fully Real-Time Tracking • Real-time tracking of one or all buses at any time! • Bus stop reporting – location/time/duration • Idle monitoring – based on district limits (5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.) • On-time performance reporting for school arrivals

  10. Compare Planned vs. Actual Route Activity • Integrated with any routing/scheduling data • Local map overlay for increased accuracy

  11. Increased Safety and Security Live Dispatch Track any bus, any where, any time – especially during emergencies Reduced Liability Accurate data for route and accident analysis

  12. Reduced Operating Costs Time Management Manage driver time on/off bus routes, reduce wasted staff man hours Fuel Reduction Monitor idling and manage increasing fuel costs

  13. Driver Time Tracking • Synovia Driver ID Tracking Module • “Live Time Real Time” - Time In / Time Out • Driver Time Available in Same System as Actual and Planned Route Data • Exports Driver Time Data to Payroll Systems

  14. Return on Investment • Driver Payroll • 100 Buses, 15 Minutes/Day, 180 Days, $13/hr = $58,500 Annually • Idling and Fuel Waste • 100 Buses, 20 Minutes/Day, 180 Days, $3.50/gal = $21,000 Annually • Route Reductions • 1 Eliminated Route Per Year - $26,000 • Administrative Man-Hours • Problems are solved at first call – reducing overhead costs dramatically

  15. Synovia Contact Info Woody Fitzmaurice – Project Manager • Phone: 317-208-1708 • Mobile: 317-373-8335 • Email: wfitzmaurice@synoviacorp.com Brad Bishop - Chief Operating Officer • Phone: 317-208-1703 • Mobile: 317-748-1963 • Email: bbishop@synoviacorp.com 9190 Priority Way West Dr, Suite 115 Indianapolis, IN 46240 www.synoviacorp.com Office: 317-208-1700 Fax: 317-208-2202

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