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Travelling in Europe

Travelling in Europe. Janek Lukats Ivor Turba Toomas Runtal Form 11 2012. Travelling. By train By car By plane By ship. By train. Convenient of short , medium and long distance travel across EU. Fast , reliable and frequent .

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Travelling in Europe

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  1. TravellinginEurope Janek Lukats Ivor Turba Toomas Runtal Form 11 2012

  2. Travelling • Bytrain • Bycar • Byplane • Byship

  3. Bytrain • Convenientofshort, medium and longdistancetravelacross EU. • Fast, reliable and frequent. • Western and centralEuropehas a dense and widelyusedrailwaynetworkspanningtheentirecontinent. • Everydaytheresnewconstructionsofnewhighspeedrailways.

  4. Regulartickets • The cost of rail travel varies greatly by country. • Eastern European countries tend to offer very cheap travel. • Italy is comparatively cheap as well.

  5. Discounts • Somecountrys and railwaystationsofferdiscounts. • Discountmaybeupto 50 %

  6. Bycar • Itiseasy, butexpensive. • Onlydifferencein UK isthattheydrive on theleft side. • DrivinginEuyourcar must be valid carinsurance. • Inmostcountriesthelargestallowablealcoholblood range 0,2-0,8 mg/ml.

  7. Byplane • Comfortable and fast. • Food and drinks. • Entitledofcompensationifyou are deniedboarding, flightiscancelledorarrivesmorethan 3 hourslate. • Alsoyougetcompensationifyourluggageislostdamagedordelayed. • Compensationisupto 1,220€.

  8. Byship • Boattravel ranges fromluxurycruisestoprivateyachtpassagetosolosmallboatadventures. • Verycheap. • Travellingbyshipisverysafe. • Verymobile.

  9. References • http://www.the-backpacking-site.com/car-europe.html • http://europa.eu/travel/index_en.htm

  10. Tosumup • TravellinginEuropeisverysafe and veryfast.

  11. Thankyou !

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