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Flameless Candles Are Always A Good Route To Go For Every Event

Along with candle accessories & Country Candle The Kringle Candle Company also have Flameless candles that are typically utilized as aesthetic lighting devices. Visit: https://bit.ly/2PMjUxf

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Flameless Candles Are Always A Good Route To Go For Every Event

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  2. Flameless candles are an electronic alternative to traditional wick candles. They are typically utilized as aesthetic lighting devices and come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Because flameless candles are illuminated by a small light bulb, rather than an open flame, they pose less threat as fire hazards and do not melt or lose their form over time. Nonetheless, the bulbs inside some country candle may heat up significantly. In a pediatric study conducted in 2013, it is suggested that flameless candles are a minor cause of battery related injuries in children. Seventy-seven percent of batteries ingested by children were identified as having come from flameless candles.

  3. Parties in the home are intimate, chic affairs that often require the use of your everyday amenities as décor. Adding decorations to the walls, staircases and shelves of your home can be tricky. Not everyone has pin spotlights at their disposal, so candles are the go to source to best accentuate that décor. These candles can add light to small spaces without overpowering the décor.

  4. Luckily, flameless candles are so versatile that they are a great option for centerpieces. If you have a unique centerpiece on your table, consider illuminating it with flameless candles. They can be small enough to fit into certain spaces and reflect well off of mirrored surfaces and crystal pieces. Additionally, LED flameless lights look great at the base of floral arrangements, or inside clear vases with floating floral arrangements or candles.

  5. Flameless candles are not just to protect the little ones, they can be used to create depth and texture to any event. Battery operated candles can add that necessary glow to dark hallways, or shelving units. All while staying safe and appearing very natural. Fortunately, they come in sizes ranging from a small tealight candle to a larger pillar candle to fit anyone’s needs.

  6. Within any multi-level venue, such as a home or event space, exposed staircases provide an opportunity for décor. For evening events, lighting these steps provide an additional special detail that your guests will truly appreciate. However, there is always the worry that a candle will go out, or even worse a guest may accidentally knock the candle over. This is a perfect opportunity to utilize flameless candles by creating a warm glow in a precarious space. We recommend Country Candle Company to all for different candle accessories to create dimension on the stairway or in a hallway.

  7. Flameless candles  are perfect for low window sills. As the natural light from windows begins to fade, the soft glow of the flameless candles provide warmth around the room without any mess, or fear of being knocked over.

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