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R + D PRODUCT, 2007

O. H. OH ・ H. OH. H. HOH 2 C. H. OH. R + D PRODUCT, 2007. L-ARABINOSE. Description: L-ARABINOSE is pentose (C 5 H 10 O 5 ) manufactured from corn fiber. The sweetness of this L-ARABINOSE is a half of sugar, and can be used as sweetener, too. Function:

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R + D PRODUCT, 2007

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  2. Description: L-ARABINOSE is pentose (C5H10O5) manufactured from corn fiber. The sweetness of this L-ARABINOSE is a half of sugar, and can be used as sweetener, too. Function: It prevents from absorbing sucrose in the small intestine So, it is a kind of sucrase inhibitor. This L-ARABINOSE inhibits the reaction of sucrase (enzyme), thus this restraints the sugar absorption by 40%. Accordingly, this is effective against steep increase of blood sugar value and effective for the control of insulin secretion.

  3. It is proved that the intake of L-ARABINOSE for some constant period makes the quantity of short chain fatty acid in the intestines favorably increase, and it is effective for reducing serum TG concentration and internal organs’ fat weight. The undigested sucrose comes to the large intestine, where it works as culture media of such beneficial bacteria as Lactobacillus bifidus. It is also proved that due to the change of the intestine flora, the bowel movement is improved.

  4. Applications: The good stability of this L-ARABINOSE in acid range and in high temperature enables its use in the food production processing. As the solubility of this L-ARABINOSE is as good as sugar, this can be used for food processing, too.

  5. Some concrete applications: For food for specified health uses (“FOSHU” in short) This L-ARABINOSE is included, together with sugar in a FOSHU product. Its formula in one FOSHU product is sugar 97% and L-Arabinose 3%. Health claim: to prevent from digestive absorption of sugar to control the steeply increasing blood sugar value This L-ARABINOSE can be a substitute for sugar, good for people with the risk of diabetes.

  6. For almond jelly (杏仁豆腐) production Recipe: Agar 10g Milk 250g Evaporated Milk 50g Sugar 58.2g L-ARABINOSE 1.8g Trehalose 130g Water 600g Liqueur 10ml For mango pudding production Recipe: Mango puree 200g Gelatin 5g Sugar 38.8g L-ARABINOSE 1.2g Water 200g Coconut milk 60g Fresh cream 40g Liqueur 16.2ml The recommended dosage of L-ARABINOSE is 3 parts against 100 parts of sugar.

  7. For Cookie production Recipe: Butter 500g Wheat flour 426g Sugar 291g L-ARABINOSE 9g Egg yolk 5 Almond powder 50g Salt 5g For Custard cream production Recipe: Milk 500cc Sugar 194g L-ARABINOSE 6g Egg yolk 6 Wheat flour 40g Corn starch 20g Vanilla beans 1 bottle

  8. Safety tests of L-ARABINOSE The stability tests using L-ARABINOSE such as Mutagenicity test and Toxicity tests were conducted. The L-ARABINOSE is a material patent of Godo Shusei and Sanwa Cornstarch jointly. L-ARABINOSE is good for those who have some anxiety of blood sugar value. Remarks : Physiological data described here such as L-ARABINOSE’s mechanism and effect were presented by the courtesy of Godo Shusei Co., Ltd. The recipes using L-ARABINOSE described here were presented by the courtesy of Sanwa Cornstarch Co., LTD.

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