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Everything you need for a great summer! PowerPoint Presentation
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Everything you need for a great summer!

Everything you need for a great summer!

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Everything you need for a great summer!

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  1. Everything you need for a great summer! • Sports & Games • Arts & Crafts • Shows & Special entertainment • Water Activities • Science & nature • Themed Activities 13210 South Point Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273 704-583-2336

  2. Oh The Places We Will Go!! Summer Camp 2014 “Oh The Places We Go” Beginner-Preschool Summer Camp offers fun-filled summer programs for children ages 2-12. Each week, campers jump into action, participating in exciting sports programs, exploring nature, becoming involved in performing and creative arts, playing a part in group activities, and special in house events as well as exciting field trips for our school agers. Our campers have the opportunity to expand their horizons during the summer, embarking on new adventures, and having fun! Our exceptional program and dedicated staff create an environment that forges lifelong friendships among our campers. We create a summer experience that is unforgettable! It all starts with our outstanding teachers. A camp is only as good as its staff, and we are extremely proud of ours. Talent, creativity, love of children, leadership and devotion make our teachers the heart and soul of the program. Teacher planned theme filled days that include daily water play activities, outside sports games, and special in-house events. Our Summer Camp includes five days of activities, from 6:30am – 6:00 pm. We offer a range of outdoor activities, plus indoor activities conducted in our fully air conditioned facility. Camp Schedule Camp Hours Regular School Hours 6:30-6:30 Week 1 June 16 - 20 Week 2 June 23 - 27 Week 3 June 30 – July 4 Week 4 July 7 - 11 Week 5 July 14 - 18 Week 6 July 21 - 25 Week 7 July 28 – August 1 Week 8 Aug 4 - 8 Week 09 Aug 11 - 15 Week 10 Aug 18 – 22 Special Features • Quality staff • Flexible hours • Specialty Camps • Air conditioned building • Breakfast, Lunch & Snack • On campus Sports field • Water Play Activities • Special Events • Arts & Crafts • Themed Activities • Family Activities • In House Field Trips • Visits From Local Mascots

  3. Themes Chesterbrook Academy South Point 13210 South Point Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273 704-583-2336 Jennifer Conroy Principal “Oh The Place We Go” Over the next 10 weeks we will use our creativity and imaginations to travel throughout the world of wonder and imagination. We will become scientists, artists, friends, and show our expertise in music, ourselves and animals! Emergency Services— During this week we will explore what “Emergency” services provide for us and learn about how they work. We will explore fire trucks, ambulances, police vehicles and search and rescue. We will then have a chance to explore a real fire truck, police car and ambulance! Week 1: Week 6: Goin’ Green – During this week we will begin to try and save our world. We will inspire you to recycle items that we can use to create “recycled art” We will also hold our own recycling center to see who can collect the most recycled items. Week 2: Week 7: All Ball – During this week we will explore a variety of different sports. We will inspire you to explore sports across the world. We will introduce new sports as well as explore the traditional sports we all know and love! Animal Planet – During this week we will be looking into the lives of animals! From Jungle to Desert we will explore our favorite animals. We will have a chance to meet some the animals as well and help take care of them. Week 3: Week 8: Moovin & Groovin– During this week we will be shaking things up a bit. We will have daily break out sessions to different types of music. We will also learn about different dances and some history behind them. Getting’ Dirty – During this week we will get down and dirty! We will be body painting, creating mud pies, exploring with cool whip and creating our very own chocolate. Week 4: Week 9: Reptiles & Amphibians – During this week we will take a look at different types of reptiles and amphibians. We will explore where they live what they eat and look into their lives. . Music Makers - During this week we will be exploring all about music. We will look into a variety of musical instruments and even create very own instruments. We will create our very own songs and art work to different types of music. Week 5: Week 10: Exploration – During this week we will be experimenting with a variety of things from creating slim, goop and bubbles. We will also be exploring into other countries and exploring their ways of life. Under the Sea – During this week we will be diving into the wonderful sea life. We will explore what lives in the sea and even get a chance to see some of these creatures. We will even turn ourselves into a mermaid.

  4. REGISTRATION Each summer, Chesterbrook Academy provides additional programs & events. We call this, 10 week summer program, SUMMER CAMP. In past summers we have had petting zoos, water slides, magicians, field trips, water activities, ice cream days etc. etc. While some activities are provided as part of your weekly tuition, others require an extra fee. Infants do not participate in Summer Camp & therefore no additional fees are involved for them. 2014 Summer Camp ACTIVITY FEE’S: $50 Toddlers $75 BEGINNERS $100 INTERMEDIATE- PRE K and $125 for School Agers This fee is required; it is not an option to be enrolled at Chesterbrook and to not participate in Summer Camp. The Summer Camp activity fee is a one time charge that will cover all additional activities and includes your child’s 2014 Summer Camp t-shirt. Your Camp Zone registration form and fee must be returned to the front office by Friday, May 31, 2014. Childs Name:_______________________________ Classroom:________________________________ My child: ___ Will be attending Summer 2014. ___ Will not be attending Summer 2014. Camp Shirt Size: __2T __ 3T __ 4T __ Youth XS __ Youth S ___ Youth M __ Youth L Additional shirts can be ordered for $5.00. Order me _______ additional camp zone t-shirts My child will attend this summer: __Full Time ___Part Time [ ___MWF ___TH ___] I have been provided with the summer camp activity fee and I understand that I am responsible to pay when I sign my child up. Parent’s Signature_______________________________________Date_____________________ Chesterbrook Academy South Point 13210 South Point Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273 704-583-2336 Jennifer Conroy Principal