how does the weight of a car affect its miles per gallon n.
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How does the weight of a car affect its Miles Per Gallon? PowerPoint Presentation
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How does the weight of a car affect its Miles Per Gallon?

How does the weight of a car affect its Miles Per Gallon?

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How does the weight of a car affect its Miles Per Gallon?

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  1. How does the weight of a car affect its Miles Per Gallon? Experiment conducted by-- Sir Keith Byam Sir Dylan Maida For economic, environmental and educational purposes ;)

  2. Sohpmores. Take Notes. Actively Listen.

  3. MPG, CARS AND ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. YEAH. GO EARTH • We researched what makes the sale of a car a good or bad deal. • This project is connected to chemistry because it relates to organic chemistry and saving fuel, This research project is important because it can help middle class people choose a car that suits their pockets and that will get the jobs done. Also it can get the people invest money into companies that are bankrupt. Sorry GM (General Motors) Remember. The three E’s Economic, environmental = educational.

  4. Methodology. The cars used in the study were selected because in order for the results to be accurate, all variables that can lower/rise the mpg of a car had to be accounted for. Mid size Sedans were the chosen cars for this because there were more cars to choose from and different companies to choose from. (For models of cars check the Data Table.) The type of driveline chosen for this project was 2 wheel drive. 2 wheel drive because in New York 2WD is more common and is more affordable for middle class people. The amount of horsepower can affect the cars mpg greatly because more power is being use and more money people will have to pay. The year select for the make of the cars was 2009. 2009 was selected because it is the current model. The engine of course can make a big impact on the cars MPG. The engine chosen in this project was 4 cylinder engines in automatic settings. To obtain the data (weight of the cars, MPG) call and research the manufactures of the car for this information. Yahoo! Autos was particularly useful in finding curb weights. For your organization, create a table with these column headings: Model of Car, Curb Weight (lbs), and MPG (city and highway). In our results we concluded that the weight of a car doesn’t affect its mpg. (A trend found in our results is that 28 is a common highway mpg estimate) The data could be applied to young consumers/ potential drivers. Our research is significant because if people are more conscious and aware of these aspects of owning a car, they could make a more informed decision and save money. This relates to environment and economic issues in today’s society.

  5. The Cars Baby. Get Ready. Take Notes



  8. Common trends and patterns The most common city mpg is 17. Both the 2009 Pontiac G8 Sedan (3,885 lbs) and the 2009 Buick LaCrosse CX (3,495 lbs) have the same city mpg. (Yet they’re almost 400pounds apart) The 2009 Saturn AURA XR V6 Sedan (3,613 lbs) has the most efficient mpg but is much heavier compared to the 2009 Ford Fusion V6 SE (3,280 lbs). Both the 2009 Saturn AURA XR V6 Sedan(3,613 lbs) and the 2009 Toyota Camry LE V6 6-Spd AT (3,461) have the same mpg. (22 city/33 highway). Most of the GM cars used in this project were very, very heavy.

  9. Conclusion After looking through many websites and going over data we could conclude that the weight of a car does affect the miles per gallon. There are some cars which did weight more then some other cars but had a higher mpg. Example: The 2009 Toyota Venza 4X2 V6 which weighs 3,870 has a mpg of 21/29 whereas the 2009 Mercury Milan V6 which weighs 3,324 only has a mpg of 18/27. If done again trying different models of cars would be a great project and very informative. We chose all 2009 cars, next year it would be great to use all 2010 to keep it current.