children first foundation inc n.
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Children First Foundation, Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Children First Foundation, Inc.

Children First Foundation, Inc.

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Children First Foundation, Inc.

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  1. Children First Foundation, Inc.

  2. “The Effectiveness of the Children First Visitation Exchange Centers”

  3. … A Parent’s Perspective

  4. “This program has stopped my daughter from witnessing conflicts when I pick her up."

  5. “The exchange center program has eliminated conflict in front of my child, and I have peace knowing that the court-ordered exchange will happen!”

  6. “The best thing about this program is that my ex-wife has to bring my children for visitation. She cannot tell me that I can’t have them, and there is no more police involvement!”

  7. “I like the fact that it cuts down on issues between parents and allows for fewer conflicts.”

  8. “The inevitable conflicts when exchanging in person are very stressful for everyone, especially the children. This program helps to alleviate the stress visitation days used to bring!”

  9. “The Exchange Center has helped my entire family deal with the tragedy of divorce! My children have improved in school and no longer require family counseling, because the program has drastically reduced the stress in their lives.”

  10. “The staff is great, and I strongly believe in the program… a totally stress-free environment!”

  11. The staff

  12. The mission of the Children First Foundation is to help children and parents deal with divorce, separation, custodial conflict, and visitation exchange issues by creating and providing a continuum of relative programs and services.

  13. Presented by Daniel J. Cuneo, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and Katherine S. Claudson, MM, MSW Executive Director Song: Visitation Artist: Doyle Dykes

  14. the end