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Revealing the New Dispatch Scheduler

Revealing the New Dispatch Scheduler. Presenter: Orton Baker. Agenda. Initial Setup Technician Setup Setting up Views Navigating the scheduler Working with tickets Forwarding the Board Inquiries/Reports Special Slots Email/SMS – Advanced Setup Scheduler Map/Routing. Initial Setup.

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Revealing the New Dispatch Scheduler

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Revealing the New Dispatch Scheduler Presenter: Orton Baker

  2. Agenda Initial Setup Technician Setup Setting up Views Navigating the scheduler Working with tickets Forwarding the Board Inquiries/Reports Special Slots Email/SMS – Advanced Setup Scheduler Map/Routing

  3. Initial Setup Enable Board Auto Refresh Colors for Statuses/Priorities and Categories

  4. Technician Setup Filter Active/Inactive Technicians Upload Photos Assign Background Color Cell phone for SMS Email Address GPS Id to show vehicle on map Message will display on scheduler

  5. Setting Up Views - Grouping Technicians Categories Sort Technicians by number of tickets

  6. Setting up Views • Add new View • Choose Grouping/Filters/Options • If this is intended to be default view then select Is Default View and this will be default view when opening scheduler

  7. Setting up Views - Filters • Filters can be made on • Technicians • Categories,Priorities • Statuses,Occupations • Territories,Customers • Sales Categories • If left empty then will include all choices

  8. Setting up Views - Options • Refresh Appointments • Zoom • Define Business Hours • Show Business Hours or all hours • Tick Lengths • Minor (Smaller) • Major (Larger)

  9. Setting up Views – Options (cont) • Orientation • Horizontal/Vertical • Default View • Day/Week/Month or Timeline • Day View Days Forward • Week View Days Forward • Show Work Week and/or Weekends • Theme – Office Black is the quickest

  10. Navigating the Scheduler • Dates • Calendar, Day , Week, Month, Timeline • Next/Today/Previous • Unassigned Tickets View • Totals • Filter by current View • Drag to technician

  11. Navigating the Scheduler • Copying/Moving Tickets around • Dragging with Mouse to Copy or Move • Cut or Copy and Paste to different View • Grouping – Technician or Category on the fly • Change View • Refresh Appointments • Set Status/Priority

  12. Navigating the Scheduler – Tech Box Active W/O’s and Hours for this view will display Click on Send email to send an email to the technician Click on SMS to send an SMS Right-Click on appointment to send a system defined ‘WO Assigned’ message to the technician

  13. Working with Tickets - Layout Layout Hover View Colors Multiple Appointments, Mobile

  14. Working with Tickets - Editing Priority/Status Occupation/Estimated Hours Technician Dispatch Comments W/O Inquiry Multiple Appointments

  15. Working with Tickets – Multiple Appointments Change Multiple appointments by selecting rows and apply status, technician and/or occupation changes Remove/Edit appointment functions on the right

  16. Working with Tickets - Creating Unassigned – Default technician as empty Assigned – Default technician and start time as clicked

  17. Forwarding the board Setup auto roll forward by enabling service – top section (always from previous day to today) Manually roll forward the board – bottom section

  18. Inquiries • Finding a Ticket • Hit F2 - use Filter button to search within the column • Drag columns above to summarize information • Double –Click to select • If unassigned will pop open Unassigned View • If on the current view will pop the Ticket View • Otherwise will pop open Appointments View

  19. Reports • Reports Available • Appointments Activity Log • Appointment Status History • Work Orders • Can send to Excel, Word, PDF with optional formatting • Ability to filter and summarize column same as F2 search

  20. Special Slots • Working Time Slots(Blue) • Will allow appointments to be created (eg Notes) • Non- Working(Green) • Use for vacation, sick days etc.

  21. Email/SMS – Advanced Setup Assigned Work Order message can be modified Click on Mailings Insert Merged Field to choose from list of available fields

  22. Scheduler Map - GPS • Click on bottom area to open, drag to enlarge • Shows • Tickets on Current View (including unassigned) • Technicians with valid GPS Ids assigned • Can view Road, Arial or Bird’s Eye View • Hover over pins or vehicles will show details

  23. Scheduler Map - Routing Click on pin on technician and map will center by their vehicle Click on work order and if address is valid then map will center by the work order

  24. Scheduler Map - Routing Right Click on assigned appointment to send directions to technician Right Click on unassigned appointment to find the closest technician

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