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  1. MAS MAGNATRON ACSAVER Saves Upto 40% electricity in all ac’s

  2. USP • The World’s most advanced AC saver. • The Only programmable AC saver in the world. • Dual Sensor & Display for Room & Coil Temperature. • Maintains Accurate Room Temperature & offers Unmatched savings . • Patent Published.

  3. VALUE PROPOSITION • Save UPTO 40% per annum your bill! • Suitable for 0.5-20.0 TR. AC S • Typical Payback -2-7 months • Easy to Install 5.5”x 2.5”x2.5” • Easily Programmable & Customizable to your climate/ application/ comfort.

  4. The Challenge Energy saving is a function of wasted energy- eventually , therefore , it finally boils down to creating the ability to accurately and continually measuring wastage , under a wide range of constantly changing  ambient conditions, and then extract savings , while continually  maintaining “THE ROOM TEMPERATURE- AND- SAVINGS EQUATION”

  5. MAS RISES TO THE CHALLENGE ! • Multiple Complex Algorithms Working in Tandem. • One –time Programming for Maximum Savings. • Easy, user-friendly, 2-Button interface for Programming. • 9-point programmable Menu. • Fuzzy Logic Maintains accurate set temperature.  


  7. How it Saves Conventional Air Conditioners have many inherent design deficiencies, which  the MAS overcomes IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE THE SAVINGS: Problem 1 :   AC’s have no intelligence  and are run ONLY by  mechanical  relays.     Solution :     The MAS  adds intelligence with a set of powerful algorithms to your AC to save Energy.

  8. How it Saves - (2) Problem  2:       A.C’s have no Room Temperature Sensor but the Temperature sensor is inside the Air Conditioner and hence senses  only  the  Return  Air Temperature, thus Energy consumption cannot be  optimized, since the Reference Temperature itself is wrong. Solution   :     The MAS has an additional digital PROGRAMMABLE sensor for the room to save energy & give you more comfort! This also displays the Room  Temp. in real time !

  9. How it Saves - (3) • Problem  3 :   Hypothetically, if you require a Room Temp  of 25˚C,and the Coil Temperature required for this may be 9˚C , then we should not allow the Coil to drop below 6-7˚C as this only wastes electricity​.But in conventional  A.C.S there is NO  sensing or Control of the Coil Temperature. • Solution   :     The MAS  has an additional Programmable sensor  to  sense, display & control the Coil Temperature, and prevent  wastage of  electricity, and enables you to program R​oom& Coil Temp in just  seconds!

  10. How it Saves - (4) Problem  4 :  The AC manufacturer cannot customize the A.C and sells a common control settingdesigned for the hottest conditions, which leads to wastage of electricity.In  your A.C  when the Set Temp is achieved, the Compressor shuts off for a fixed 3 minutes, and just so you don't feel hot, the manufacturer  ensures an Extra Run of 5-6  minutes, i.e. the “over- cooling” period BUT this  may be required only for 2-3 hours a day  ,at NOON and only 2-3 months in the year. The balance of time ,this "​Over-​Cooling” WASTES ELECTRICITY. Solution:  In the MAS you can program your “Off-Time” ​& "Over-Cooling"​ time based on your climate, day/night use etc. The MAS takes Total Control of your unit and customizes the AC to  your  climatic conditions.

  11. How it Saves - (5) Problem  5:  Many A.C’s typically do not achieve the Room Temp and thus the Compressor  does not shut down at all ! While Room Temp does not reduce below a point, the electricity is wasted in only cooling the Coil. Finally , after a point, the condensate on the coil tends to freeze, thus further reducing  transfer of the cooling Energy into the room & creating “Thermodynamic Saturation” ,wasting still more Electricity! Solution   :    The Coil Sensor in the MAS will cut off the compressor at a Coil Temp. programmed by you.

  12. THE LOGIC OF THE PROPRIETORY UNIQUE, CYCLICAL ALGORITHM This 3-Cycle algorithm is based on Time & Room Temperature & this unique combination further enhances savings when there are sharp changes in ambient conditions and adds to the multiple existing 'triggers' to enhance savings. 1.Program your desired Room Temp, Set Temp. and other parameters based on your personal comfort requirements.

  13. THE LOGIC OF THE PROPRIETORY UNIQUE, CYCLICAL ALGORITHM -2 2.     In the first Cycle (CI) the MAS 1 will “observe and Learn” and only when the Set Temp. Is achieved will It kick Into Cycle 2 (C2), automatically, and not​ return C1 again, unless restarted from the mains. 3.      C2 is a shorter Cycle than C1, but longer  than Cycle 3 (C3), (you can  reprogram  it to a time so  your  Set Temp. can be achieved) , and when Set Temp. is achieved,  it kicks Into C3, but if  Set Temp. is not achieved, it will   remain In  C2, until the Set Temp. is   achieved .

  14. THE LOGIC OF THE PROPRIETORY UNIQUE, CYCLICAL ALGORITHM -(3) 4.    C3 is a shorter Cycle than C2 (programmed By You) to achieve maximum savings, if Set Temp is  reached  it  will  continue In C3, but if it fails to do so, it will revert to  C2, the longer Cycle. 5.    Hence, hereafter, the compressor will ALTERNATE between Cycle 2 & Cycle 3 to FURTHER ENHANCE SAVINGS.

  15. A Typical Validation -Energy Management Dept. of Ashok Leyland Group

  16. Install on all AC’s • Windows – 1-star to 5-star AC’s • Splits & Multi-splits • Package, Ductables,Tower, Cassettes etc. • Inverter / VVR AC’s Buy the lowest cost AC & install the MAS at a fractional cost , to enjoy Higher Energy Efficiency & Superior Pay-Back.

  17. Partial Customer List

  18. Kishore Mansata (Inventor) MAGNATRON INTERNATIONAL 56 C MirzaGhalib Street, Kolkata 700027 W.B. (India) Tel: + 91 9748727966 +91-33-22292767/71 , 4005 7250 Email: