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Wells Fargo Overview

Wells Fargo 2008 Annual Benefits Enrollment Marketing Strategy February 27, 2008 Brooke Kamps Gretchen Lennon Heather Wales. Wells Fargo Overview. Demographics 150,000 benefit-eligible team members 137,000 enrolled in medical coverage 292,000 total covered lives

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Wells Fargo Overview

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  1. Wells Fargo 2008Annual Benefits EnrollmentMarketing StrategyFebruary 27, 2008Brooke KampsGretchen LennonHeather Wales

  2. Wells Fargo Overview Demographics • 150,000 benefit-eligible team members • 137,000 enrolled in medical coverage • 292,000 total covered lives • Team members in every state, most west of Mississippi River 21 Medical Plan Options • National PPO & HSA HDHP - UnitedHealthcare • BCBS PPO in five states - AK, TX, NE, WI, MI • National CDHP - Definity • HMOs in many locations - Kaiser & Health Net in CA • EPP in 25 states - CIGNA Team Member Choice • All team members - national PPO, CDHP and HSA HDHP • Majority of team members - HMO or EPO options + PPO and CDHP • CA team members – seven medical plan options to consider

  3. Changes for 2008 Team members had a lot to consider . . . Medical • Eliminated five medical plan options in nine states • Health Net replaced PacifiCare in CA • Expanded CIGNA EPP • New high deductible health plan with health savings account • Other changes, e.g. increased ER copay to $100 for most options • Rates Dental • New Delta Dental option with richer benefits • Enhancements to both Delta Dental options Long Term Care (LTC) • Current participants - buy-up opportunity without proof of good health • New participants - open enrollment without proof of good health

  4. Marketing Objectives Team members will be engaged if they……….. Know the basics • When annual benefits enrollment begins & ends • What you need to do, if anything • Where to find online tools, e.g. plan comparison tool, provider directory, etc. • How to get started + detailed instructions on how to enroll Know the details • What’s new for 2008 • What changes apply to everyone or plans available to everyone • What changes are happening in their state or to their plan(s) Understand and value Wells Fargo’s benefits • Variety of marketing materials – print, online & in person • High degree of customization • Materials that are easy to read, web site easy to navigate, access to meetings Beyond annual enrollment - connect benefits with wellness and well being • Enrolling in benefits is just the start • Shared responsibility – team member, dependents & Wells Fargo • Materials included preventive care information & wellness messaging

  5. Marketing Inventory Group Benefits, Team Member Marketing & HR Systems joint effort Print • Personalized enrollment guides – all team members • Subject specific letters to targeted audiences – 10 letters • Benefit meeting posters – customized meeting information Online • Teamworks Annual Benefits Enrollment website – at work & at home • 15 Teamworks center image promotion images • 45 different e-mail messages – general, targeted & personalized • Online confirmation statements • 8 virtual benefit meetings – 3,200 attendees • 1 recorded session – 500 attendees In Person Meetings • 41 meetings - 13,000 attendees

  6. Marketing Materials Marketing Campaign Consistencies • From Head to Toe We’ve Got You Covered theme • No stock photos • Uplifting wellness messages • Easy-to-read and straightforward Personalized Guides • General information & state specific changes • Personalized information • 2007 – current elections, rates, covered dependents • 2008 – available options & rates • individualized plan comparison charts

  7. Personalized Annual Benefits Enrollment Guide

  8. Plan Comparison Chart Highlights • One page summary of most frequently used benefits • Print – personalized guide contains plans available to you • Online – all comparison charts available, sorted by state • Consumer focused – changed from plan pays to you pay format • Additional features • plan phone number & web site for additional information • 24-hour nurse line phone number • health management programs – aka disease management programs • health risk assessment URL • highlights section to promote miscellaneous features

  9. Plan Comparison Chart – Health Net CA

  10. Team Member Engagement Results Were team members engaged? • 27,431 team members changed plans from 2007 to 2008, including either to or from waiving coverage • The largest net increase was to CIGNA, with a gain of 2,787 team members • The largest net decrease was from HMO's, with a loss of 795 team members • 9,945 team members switched from one HMO to another HMO (due primarily to elimination of PacifiCare) • Enrollment increased by 3,645 team members • Enrollment increased from 82% to 84% of eligible team members

  11. What we learned Final thoughts……… • Annual Benefits Enrollment is a marketing campaign based on • our culture • our objectives • Wells Fargo demographics, number of plans and choices • what’s new, what’s changing • expertise of Team Member Marketing, Group Benefits & HR Systems • formal feedback from team members • Team members like communication variety – print, online & in person • In person meetings – appreciated + great feedback opportunity • Online meetings popular – more state specific, more promotion • Personalized materials – keep raising the bar • Too many team members still wait until the last few days to enroll

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