the effect of my digital life n.
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The Effect of “My Digital Life” PowerPoint Presentation
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The Effect of “My Digital Life”

The Effect of “My Digital Life”

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The Effect of “My Digital Life”

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  1. The Effect of “My Digital Life” April Maposua

  2. Technology I use technology everyday its part of my life, I use it to do everything including gaming, socialising, school work, entertainment etc. I've used

  3. Television The first type of technology I learnt I used was the TV. When I was little I used to watch shows like Arthur, Clifford and Play school. As I got older the shows I watch did too, now I watch shows like the news, insight and of course my favourite keeping up with the kardashians. Its probably my favourite show.

  4. Gaming Consoles I then started learning how to use gaming consoles especially the “Playstation”. With the help of my older brother I could play this game called “Mortal Kombat” really well. This game was on a Playstation 2 is was small grey and looked plastic, it looked like a MP3 playing that plays CDs. I still play on these consoles but the consoles are have developed a lot more. I play on consoles such as the Wii, Playstation, Xbox etc.

  5. Computer/Laptop The next piece of technology was the computer. When I was little I didn’t know how to use a computer like the little kids now. The only programs I knew how to use was pinball and paint. As I got older I started to learn how to use to play online games like those Disney princesses, barbie etc. So I pretty much used the computer for my own entertainment.

  6. Mobile/Phone I got my first phone when I was in year 6 it wasn’t the best phone it was a very small nokia phone. It was a friend of the family’s old phone. It could only make texts and calls but as I got older phones became more advanced. The phone I have currently is flat touch screen LG phone. It not only makes texts and calls but it can go on the interenet, go on social networks such facebook, instagram etc.