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January 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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January 2013

January 2013

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January 2013

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  2. AGENDA • What are the proposals for September 2014? • Why are the proposals being made? • How would it be managed? • How will it affect pupils, parents and staff? • The next steps? • What questions do you have? • What are your views?

  3. PROPOSALS • The Governing Body and the Diocese are consulting on two linked proposals for September 2014. • A move from an 11-16 boys Catholic School (St Bede’s) and an 11-16 girls Catholic School (St Joseph’s) with a co-educational, shared Sixth Form (St Benedict’s) to one new co-educational 11-18 Catholic School.This will mean the closure of both existing schools and the opening of a new one – St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic High School. • St Joseph’s Site Years 7 – 9 (Key Stage 3) • St Bede’s Site Years 10-13 (Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form) • A reduction in the number of pupils admitted to the School (Planned Admission Number) from 352 to 270.

  4. REASONS FOR THE CHANGE • The aim is to build on our current strengths and progress, including all time record exam results at both schools in Summer 2012, to create one outstanding Catholic Secondary School. • To guarantee the Catholic nature of the schools in light of a falling demand for Catholic places (currently 60% Catholics overall) • To provide co-educational continuity for all pupils aged 3-19 in line with the growing 3-19 Bradford and Keighley Catholic Schools Partnership. • To further strengthen transition at age 11 by having all new Year 7 pupils on one site (St Joseph’s) which will be for younger year groups. • The two schools already work closely together. They have shared Catholic values, a single Governing Body and Executive Head, and a shared Sixth Form. Formally creating one staff team will strengthen this.

  5. HOW WOULD THE TRANSITION TO THE NEW SCHOOL BE MANAGED. The move to the new school would be phased in gradually in the years 2014 – 2018

  6. HOW WILL PUPILS, PARENTS AND STAFF BE AFFECTED? • Parents choosing the school this Autumn for their son or daughter in September 2014 will know it is a co-educational year group. • Co-educational classes will be introduced in Year 7 in September 2014 and in following years. • Older year groups on the St Joseph’s site 2014 – 2017 will be all girls as single sex education will continue in these year groups. Students who started their education at St Joseph’s (or St Bede’s) before 2014 will complete their education to 16 on the same site.


  8. HOW WILL PUPILS, PARENTS AND STAFF BE AFFECTED? • There will be fewer places for non-Catholics at the new school. Catholics and non-Catholics already in Partner Primary Schools will have priority. • Admitting fewer pupils each year will mean that staffing will be gradually reduced over a number of years. This reduction can be managed within the usual annual turnover of staff.

  9. NEXT STEPS June – July 2012 Share proposals with Parents, Staff, Students, Clergy and Partner Primary Heads. Spring Term 2013 Formal consultation on the proposals, including with the Council and other Bradford Schools. April 2013 Governing Body decides on the proposals and the new Admissions Policy. Autumn Term 2013 Year 6 Parents decide their preferences for September 2014. September 2014 New Year 7 students begin

  10. QUESTIONS • Questions and answers will be shared with parents who are unable to attend. • VIEWS • Your views are very important and will be shared with the Governing Body • Complete the consultation sheet before you go • Complete the consultation on the St Bede’s or St Joseph’s website • Email your views to