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Level 3

Level 3. Notes & Rests. quarter note. 1 beat. or. eighth notes. ½ beat each. half note. 2 beats. whole note. 4 beats. dotted half note. 3 beats. quarter rest. 1 silent beat. whole rest. 4 silent beats. half rest. 2 silent beats. Symbols & Vocabulary. treble clef. bass clef.

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Level 3

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Level 3

  2. Notes & Rests

  3. quarter note 1 beat

  4. or eighth notes ½ beat each

  5. half note 2 beats

  6. whole note 4 beats

  7. dotted half note 3 beats

  8. quarter rest 1 silent beat

  9. whole rest 4 silent beats

  10. half rest 2 silent beats

  11. Symbols & Vocabulary

  12. treble clef

  13. bass clef

  14. staff

  15. bar lines

  16. measures

  17. repeat signs

  18. < accent

  19. tempo the speed of music

  20. D.C. Da Capo go back to the beginning

  21. Fine end

  22. phrase a musical sentence

  23. f b h ermata ird’s eye old

  24. 4 3 4 4 4 6 8 time signatures or meter signatures

  25. Dynamics

  26. p piano soft

  27. f forte loud

  28. pp pianissimo very soft

  29. ff fortissimo very loud

  30. mp mezzopiano medium soft

  31. mf mezzoforte medium loud

  32. crescendo getting louder

  33. decrescendo getting softer

  34. Form

  35. Name the Form B A

  36. Name the Form Remember, each set of shapes represent a new song so you always start over with A. C A B

  37. Name the Form A B A

  38. Name the Form B B A A

  39. Rondo Form A B A C A D A

  40. Study hard for your test 

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