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Presented By: Melika and Azia Martin

Presented By: Melika and Azia Martin

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Presented By: Melika and Azia Martin

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  1. Presented By: Melika and Azia Martin

  2. Are You Ready for the Next Step?

  3. Agenda General Information About College The Admissions Process Paying for College College Must- Haves How to be a Christian in CollegePersonal StrategiesStrategies for Writing a Top-Notch Essay and Personal Statement     Developing Leadership Skills: How Extracurricular Activities and Strategic     Summers can Strengthen your College Admissions File     Defining Your Values, Passions and Goals: A Visioning Session that is all About you

  4. What College is Right for You? • DO NOT FOLLOW FRIENDS • Small or Large Classrooms • Close or Far Away from Home • Weather (Seasons or Warm) • Major Ranking (US Today) • HBCU or PWI (Cultural Environment) • $$$$$$$

  5. The Application Process • The Common Application • • Respective University Admission Webpages • i.e.

  6. Important Tips While Applying • Essay, Essay, Essay’s • Who Are You? • Extracurricular Activities • GET UP, GET INVOLVED • Recommendations • Teachers, counselors, co-workers, advisors • Grades • Keep your grades up! • Be Yourself!!!

  7. Paying for College • Scholarships!!! • The Money is waiting for you! • Time is Money Visit:

  8. Common Scholarships Important Websites • • • • The U.S. Department of Labor’s FREE scholarship search tool • • • • Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship Coca Cola Scholarship KFC Scholarship Burger King Scholarship Best Buy Scholarship Jackie Robinson Scholarship *Ask Your School Counselor or Check Out the 2013 scholarship book out at your local library

  9. Important Tips While Applying • Don’t Get Overwhelmed • Ask For Help • Stay Organized • Sort through scholarships • Planner or Excel Spreadsheet • Keep Track of Scholarship due Dates and Amount • Scholarship Binder • Resumes, Transcripts, Recommendations, Scholarship Checklists, Essays

  10. College Must-Haves (1/2) Professional e-mail (w/ signature) i.e. Sincerely, Azia Harris- Martin Email: Phone:  (313)704-3051 University of Michigan- College of Engineering    Material Science and Engineering National Society of Black Engineers     2013 Junior Executive Board Member 2013-2014 NSBE Jr. Chair

  11. College Must-Haves (2/2) • Resumes • See Handout • Social Media Makeover • • LinkedIn Account • • Business Attire • Learn How to Network • Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want

  12. How to be a College Christian Most Christian students who go away to college will graduate with one of three outcomes: • Take a Dive – Students walk away from their faith commitment and no longer profess to be Christian. • Withdraw to Survive – Students learn to compartmentalize their faith as a personal choice while struggling through the complexities of the college experience. • Strengthen and Thrive – Students grow spiritually and strengthen their faith through the challenges of the college experience. Visit:

  13. Tips on Staying Faithful • Join a Bible Study • Continually Pray • Give Yourself Daily Encouragement • Find a College Church Home or Webcasts • Set aside Praise & Worship Time • Avoid Peer Pressure REMEMBER: 1 Peter 2:9 But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God's very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.

  14. Tips from Current College Students (1/3) REMEMBER: WHAT HAPPENS ON THE INTERNET STAYS ON THE INTERNET • College may not be for everyone, but if Shaq can get a doctorate anyone can get a bachelors – Stanley Cantrell NC A&T ‘13 • Go where you want to go, have Faith, allat. Don't let others make your commitment for you. They won't be on campus, in the classroom with you! – Tiffany Brockington HU ‘15 • Be sure to go into college with an open mind and not afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Keeping yourself in a bubble could make you lose out on opportunities and friendships. –Amere Horton U of M ‘16 • Go for what you love.. Period. The worst thing you could do is go to college for other reasons than for your future – Shayla Allen GVSU ‘16 • Keep in mind that you will find yourself on this campus and throughout classes and experiences however its important to remember your foundation! Strive for excellence and allow yourself the space and opportunity to become adjusted! Time management is key! Be active on campus and try not to feed into the hype. After awhile all the parties are the same. –Tarana Stewart FAMU ‘15

  15. Tips from Current College Students (2/3) • Pray, ask God what is His vision for your life. Don't waste time taking non value added classes. If you are focused you can complete your degree in three years. Learn the system. Keep records of what is required to graduate. God gives vision, meet with academic advisor and work the plan to reach goal. Don't wait until your Junior year, get busy ” razor beam focus”! –Minister Frances Anderson • Learn where academic services is located and use the resource. –Minister Frances Anderson •  Find out about campus ministry groups like Campus Crusades for Christ, and stay connected to other believers when you and your faith will surely be tested. –Minister Frances Anderson • Stay positive and know through even the worst of times, you have a purpose and you are here for a reason. Stay prayed up, and always be open to meeting new people and nurturing relationships because networking is TRULY everything. There are so many resources at your fingertips. Use them!!!!!!! –Rachel Webb U of M ‘16 • Don't focus on your major just yet (depending on what it is) . Don't give up. And don't party if you can't handle it. –Maya Clark Alabama A&M ’16

  16. Tips from Current College Students (3/3) • Don't take on too much! Be smart about why you put your time into.... Everyone doesn't deserve your time -Egypt Eaddy MSU ‘15 • 1) learn how to sleep while studying 2) learn how to study while sleeping. –JovonSingelton WCC ‘16 •  It's a triangle ; Good grades , social life , enough sleep . You can ONLY have two . Period . One out of the three will suffer, depending on your priories. -Jessica Miles BGSU ‘15 • Don’t Fall Asleep with your shoes on –Thor Hicks Morehouse ‘16 • Only yes, means yes –Terrell Hemphill University of Chicago ‘16 • Have Fun, Enjoy College, These will be the best years of your life! You only will get out of it what you put into it so study hard, explore the campus, and get out of your dorm to meet people.! –Azia Harris- Martin U of M ’16 • Stay focuses!!! You are not in high school anymore time to put the childish ways in the closet because college is no joke. Have fun but not too much . And time management is the key to a success college year along with studying on day one. Last but not least study what you love and not what other people want them to study. –Danielle SVSU ‘16

  17. QUESTIONS? Philippians 4:13 You Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens You

  18. For Any Other Questions Email Us!