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Parent Involvement k12.wa/TitleI/FamilyInvolvement/default.aspx PowerPoint Presentation
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Parent Involvement k12.wa/TitleI/FamilyInvolvement/default.aspx

Parent Involvement k12.wa/TitleI/FamilyInvolvement/default.aspx

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Parent Involvement k12.wa/TitleI/FamilyInvolvement/default.aspx

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  1. Parent Involvement Penélope Mena Program Supervisor 360-725-6069

  2. Parent Involvement in Title I, Part A

  3. Parent Involvement in Title I, Part A Key Requirements • Accessibility • Communication in General • Provide information to parents of students participating in Title I, Part A programs in an easy to understand format and in a language they can understand. • Other Languages • Written translations of printed information must be provided to parents with limited English proficiency or orally in a language the parent can understand. • Parent with Disabilities • Districts must take the necessary steps to ensure that communication with parents with disabilities are as effective as with other parents.

  4. Parent Involvement in Title I, Part A • Funding • Districts receiving $500,000 or more in Title I, Part A funds must set aside, at minimum, one percent for parent involvement purposes. Ninety five percent of the district set-aside must be allocated to Title I, Part A buildings for building-level parent involvement. • Districts with less than $500,000 must also provide parent involvement opportunities at the district and building levels. • Districts must involve the parents in the allocation of funds the district has reserved for parent involvement activities, including promotion of parent literacy and developing parenting skills. [ESEA Section 1118(a)(3), Parent Involvement Guidance C-14]

  5. Parent Involvement in Title I, Part A • District Level Parent Involvement Policy • A written document (school board approved). • Jointly developed and agreed upon with parents. • Distributed to all parents of participating students, if applicable, in a format and language that parents can understand. • Describes elements of parent involvement activities that will be implemented at Title I, Part A schools. • Includes strategies on using parent input. ** If the district already has a parent policy, it may be amended to meet the requirements of Title I, Part A.

  6. Parent Involvement in Title I, Part A • School Level Parent Involvement Policy • Written policy. • Agreed upon by parents. • Distributed to parents, and the local community, in a format and language, to the extent practicable, that parents can understand. • Describes the means for carrying out parent involvement activities at the building level. • Includes strategies in using parent input. **If the school has a parental involvement policy that applies to all parents, it may be amended to meet the requirements of Title I, Part A.

  7. Parent Involvement in Title I, Part A School Policy Requirements Continued… • Provide timely information about programs. • Involve parents in on-going, timely planning, review, and improvement of the school parental involvement policy and the joint development of the schoolwide program plan. • Include a description and explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet.

  8. Parent Involvement in Title I, Part A School-Parent Compact • Each Title I, Part A school shall jointly develop with parents, for all children served, a school-parent compact that outlines: • How parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement. • The means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state’s high standards.

  9. Parent Involvement in Title I, Part A 2014 Parent Involvement Bulletin– Coming soon Included in this bulletin: • District level Required Allocation • District and School Level Written Policy Requirements • Attachment A provides district and school side-by-side required policy components. • District and School Requirements and Responsibilities for Building Capacity • Key Parent Notice Requirements • Attachment B contains a list of the key Title I, Part A required parent notifications. Includes Steps 1-5 parent notifications. • Federal Programs Citizen Complaint Procedures for districts and schools • Attachment Ccontains Federal Programs Citizen Complaint Procedures.

  10. Allowable Title I, Part A activities in Parent Involvement Allowable Parent Involvement Activities and Associated Costs under Title I, Part A • Pursuant to the mandates of Title I, Part A, Sec. 1118(e), districts shall provide a broad range of services to parents to help them more effectively support and assist their students to succeed in school. • These services are reasonably broad in scope, but are generally linked to parent education and training, parent participation in school-related meetings, and parent inclusion in the education of their student(s).

  11. Allowable Title I, Part A activities in Parent Involvement • The following list of allowable parent involvement activities (costs) is not complete, but is typical. These may be charged to Title I, Part A funds provided they have been determined to be reasonable, necessary, and allocable to Title I, Part A and do not supplant other funds. • Transportation and child care costs, as needed, to facilitate parent attendance at meetings and training sessions. • Meals or refreshments to accommodate parent attendance at parent involvement meetings and trainings that interrupt or conflict with family meals/schedules. • Snacks may be provided as a means to encourage attendance at parent involvement events, but are only allowable to the extent that they are shown to increase participation.

  12. Allowable Title I, Part A activities in Parent Involvement Continued… • Registration and travel costs for parent representatives or committee members to attend in-state workshops and conferences that support parent education and involvement strategies to be shared with other parents. • Translation and interpretation services for parents to have access to school related information in a format and language they can understand. • Unavoidable facilities cost associated with the conduct of parent involvement activities. ** Note: Gifts and incentives are not allowable costs under Title I, Part A. (WA State Constitution: Article 8, Section 5 and 7)

  13. Parent Involvement Activity • District Parent Involvement Policy • Building Parent Involvement Policy • School/Parent Compact Readthe three documents. • Identify the key elements. • Share any other notable details from your reading. • How does it relate to your job/duties?

  14. Parent involvement Resources • Parent Involvement Non-Regulatory Guidance • A Toolkit for Title I, Part A Parental Involvement • Resources for Family & Community Engagement • Parent Guides:Supplemental Educational Services │ Public School Choice