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Evaluation – Film Poster

what. love's. worth. Evaluation – Film Poster. Lucy Calvert. love's. what. worth. Target Audience.

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Evaluation – Film Poster

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  1. what love's worth Evaluation – Film Poster Lucy Calvert

  2. love's what worth Target Audience The intended audience that we chose for our trailer was teenagers (certification is a 12) up to young adults. Referring to the personality type which the audience might uphold we believed that they should have an interest in romance and romantic-comedy type films as well as value art house type films because we tried to merge the two. Representation Our aim was for our characters to deride against traditional stereotypes and therefore to be shown positively in terms of representation. We decided for our female character to be strong and independent and the image that I used for my poster could be interpreted to give the impression that she is shy to commit whereas he is more confrontational and assertive due to the fact that he is looking straight at her, showing he is emotional and sensitive, a positive representation.

  3. love's what worth Research And Planning From researching trailer posters of similar genres I looked at the conventional and generic elements they have and then included similar factors into my own poster. For example it can be seen that with most film posters of other genres aside from romance that the people presented on the poster are looking “outside” of the poster – whether it be at the audience or in another direction. However, with romantic films I found that the couples are generally looking at each other and so this is why I chose to have this idea incorporated into my own poster. Originally, I had wanted to include the idea of the first “The Notebook” poster which is on the left here of having two images, one of an embrace and the other a shot from another section of the film. However, I believed that this would give the impression that the pair would definitely end up together and so left out the idea of having two images and decided on a more ambiguous image. Some romantic film posters like “twilight” have the casts names presented at the top of the poster, however I decided to follow the way the text was presented for the cast on “The English Patient” poster and have their names presented down the side. I then, like the rest of the posters I looked at, decided to include a slogan along the top of the poster and billing blocks along the bottom, which is conventional of all film posters regardless of genre.

  4. what love's worth Image For my film poster I included this image of our actor Will Dennard and actress Alexandra Robson because I believed that it was suitable for a film poster because it reflects that of a romantic genre as he is looking at her while she looks slightly nervous but also looks happy illustrating the mixed emotions she is presented to have throughout the trailer. The fact that she is holding his necklace suggests that they are quite close but it could be interpreted that she is doing this in order to distract herself from having to make eye-contact with him illustrating their closeness but at the same time showing that she is perhaps reluctant to commit. I used the colour scheme of black and white as I believed that this gave off the impression of a romantic genre.

  5. what love's worth Title I chose the font for “what love’s worth” because when looking at other romantic films such as “Twilight” this sort of font was used despite it not being a common aspect of a film poster as most use upper case non-italic fonts. I believed that the use of italic font gave the impression of a romantic theme too, which is a thematic element of romance in relation to the text that is used. This also links with the italic font that is used in the text boxes throughout the film trailer itself. I chose for it to be in white font as I believed that this would compliment the poster in reference to it’s colour scheme of black and white. It also stands out well against the pink font that the billing blocks are presented in. Billing Blocks Billing blocks are used to inform the audience of the directing companies, producers, studios and sometimes actors and actresses as for some of the information about the text. I therefore tried to make it as informative as possible and decided to have the billing blocks in pink as I thought this would look effective and stand out in order to give a romantic theme - I used the font “Cambria” as I believed this was most like the font which is used in cinemas.

  6. what love's worth Release Date I chose the release date of December 26th as Christmas can be thought to be a holiday when those who love each other come together – fitting in with this theme of love Certification I believed the trailer deserved a “12” rating because I believed that it was suitable for those of this age but chose not to give it the certificate of “12a” because I believed that the trailer contained some adult content which could be considered to be difficult for the understanding of anyone younger because of the unconventional choices the female character “Georgia” makes.

  7. what love's worth Further Text In relation to the text used for the actors names, I chose for the surnames to be bolder than the first name because I thought that this would look similar to other film posters as texts which are produced. Colour Scheme Finally, I chose the main scheme of black and white because I thought that this looked effective and contrasted well with the colours of the billing block. Ratings I also gave it a rating from “The Guardian” newspaper because I believed that this would give a suggestion of better quality content as a film opposed to some other magazines that I could have used for the idea of a critic.

  8. what love's worth Digital Technology • In order to produce my film poster I uploaded a series of photos which we had taken with a digital camera which I then chose the one which was most appropriate in illustrating the content of the film. I then used paint shop pro in order to change the colour scheme of the photo to black and white. • I was then able to use text boxes and different types of formatting in order to create titles and text which looked effective and professional in relation to published products. • From the use of specific websites I was able to integrate the relevant logos onto my film poster, including http://www.bbfc.co.uk/ for the BBFC website. I also gained the Dolby Digital image from the following link: http://www.the4thlife.com/DolbyDigital_selected_ver9.jpg and the New Line Cinemas logo from http://www.newline.com/ • The internet also allowed for me to retrieve the “12” certification. • All of the font that I had used was off of the program “Microsoft Word” and I adjusted the styles and fonts for the best effects and to ensure that they looked professional and like that of any other film poster. I also tried to ensure that the texts looked most like those of published products. For example, using Cambria font for the billing blocks so that this had high resemblance of real film posters.

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