sheboygan marsh n.
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Sheboygan Marsh

Sheboygan Marsh

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Sheboygan Marsh

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  1. Sheboygan Marsh MakennaGilhuber

  2. Eutorphication Eutrophication is when a lake, pond, river, ect., build sediment and nutrients up. This causes layers of stuff to form, and the body of water eventually turns into solid ground. The nutrients come from dead animals, plants and wastes.

  3. Effects Eutrophication turns bodies of water into solid ground It causes environment changes Overpopulation and under population can occur It changes the color, odor, and whole look of the water

  4. Stopping eutophication The maintenance workers at the Sheboygan marsh almost, sometimes completely, drain the marsh for sometime in the summer to clean up the sediment. Also, to help keep up the fight against vegetation during the year, they have a dam and water controller to keep the water level stationary.

  5. Outlook The marsh is currently going through eutrophication. It’s filling with plants and has a fish problem. This problem is driving out all the wanted fish. Over the next hundreds of years, the marsh will become solid ground, and it will be a nice meadow.

  6. Lake Sheboygan This lake started as a large ice block. That melted into the kettle it formed. It was a deep lake for thousands of years, but the sedimentation started to build up and formed the shallow marsh.

  7. Hypothesis I believe the marsh will eventually become solid. Actually, I can almost say I know that as a fact. You can sloweutrophication, but as of now, there is no certain way to actually stop it from happening.