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Heritage High School Library Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Heritage High School Library Orientation

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Heritage High School Library Orientation
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Heritage High School Library Orientation

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  1. Heritage High School LibraryOrientation Welcome!

  2. Heritage Library Staff Library Staff Assistants Ms. Zadeh (good day, Zadeh!) Teacher-Librarian Mrs. Myers Mrs. Wochnick

  3. Library Hours Monday - Friday 7:15 am – 2:45 pm Open during collaboration and tutorial. Hours are posted on library doors and on Library / Zadeh Schoolwires homepage.

  4. A FEW RULES Out of respect for the learning environment and our library facility…

  5. Cell Phones Cell phone calls are not permitted. In an emergency, please take your calls in the foyer.

  6. Food & Drink • No food or drink—capped water is okay. • If you enter with food or drinks, please place on the tray on circulation desk, near time clock and security gate.

  7. Electronics & Volume Please keep volume low on computers and personal electronics so that only you can hear.Use your own headphones to listen to computers.

  8. Internet All Internet usage must be for school-related purposes, including email.

  9. Passes During class time bring a green library pass if you are not with your whole class. Stamp your pass in the time clock on the circulation desk. This is your “IN”time.

  10. After stamping your pass, keep it with you and show it when asked. Stamp it again when you leave and give to your teacher. This is your “OUT”time.

  11. I.D. Card Staff will scanyour school I.D. to check out to you--you must have it!NOTE: It’s a school rule to carry your I.D. while on campus.

  12. Check out library materials at the circulation desk. It’s located near the entrance and the security gates.

  13. OOPS! If you forget your I.D., your teacher or staff assistant can identify you for us.

  14. More About Checking Out Totals allowed per person: 5 books 3 magazines 3 pamphlets and these are due back in 3 weeks

  15. Sometimes you may need more than 5 books: 2 for History class + 2 for English class + 1 for Science class + 2 for personal reading = 7

  16.  If you are not overdueand • do not have fines we will honor your request formore books!  

  17. Security System If library materials are not checked out properly, an alarmwill sound when you start out the gate.

  18. If the alarm sounds, STOPandSTEP back and allow others to go by. We’ll check for what’s setting off the alarm.

  19. Polices About Checkouts DONOTcheck out library materials for other people because…

  20. YOU will be held responsible if the items are not returned. You will have to pay if the items are lost or damaged 

  21. Returns Placethem in book drop inside the Library, at far side of circulation desk.

  22. Another book drop is outside the Library, to the right of the front door.

  23. Lost/Damaged Library Materials Talk to the library staff and we will tell you the replacement cost and where to pay.

  24. Lost/Damaged Library Materials District policy states that you must pay for these before --you are cleared for participation in sports and activities --you are cleared for graduation

  25. REFUND$ Pay right away to clear your record. You will get a refund if the lost materials are returned within 2 years.

  26. Library helps you succeed!Learning is the currency!

  27. Use the Library / ZadehSchoolwires “One stop shopping” for information! Academics! Personal interests! Careers!

  28. Library / ZadehSchoolwiresjust a sample of the links: • Research Databases • Library Catalog • MLA Help • Contests! • Ways to Give Back • Advanced Placement Resources • New Books Lists • GoodReads.com Heritage Book Group • “Ask the Librarian, Ms. Zadeh” and MORE!

  29. Search the Library Use a Library catalog search station. These are NOT Internet connected so no login is needed. Yellow signs identify them.

  30. Or login to an Internet connected computer and go to one of these places for the library catalog: Library/Zadeh’s Schoolwires page or Student Portal

  31. Finding What You Want Fiction means literary works invented by the imagination, such as novels or short stories.

  32. The fiction section is arranged alphabetically by author’s last name. For example: a novel (fiction) written by Orson Scott Card has a spine label: F CARD

  33. Playawaysare audio books with a touch of a button!Bring these back in 2 weeks.

  34. Playaway titles are listed in the online library catalog and in a Playaway binder in the Playaway display (fiction area)

  35. Each Playaway title has a corresponding paper- back. Ask for these at the circulation desk.

  36. Magazines The 3 latest issues are on these shelves. Ask for past issues at the circulation desk.

  37. Heritage’sMultimedia Newspaperhttp://howlheritage.com/Find link on Library/ZadehSchoolwiresMr. Lee Emmert – Teacher/Advisor

  38. Suggestion Boxlocked for privacy

  39. Ms. Zadeh will always respond to all suggestions. • If you do not hear back in a few weeks ask her about it in case her response to you was not delivered correctly.

  40. If your suggestion is accepted, your name is entered in the book order

  41. When your suggested book arrives, you are notified and you can check it out first!

  42. Budget Cuts Sadly, due to budget cuts across the state which filtered down to our district, the library budget this year is again substantially reduced. I will be able to purchase very few new books and magazines but will still respond to all suggestions and will keep track of your requests for next year. Let’s all hope that funding will be restored SOON!

  43. Photocopies and Computer Printing Free each day: 4 photocopies from library materials 10 computer printouts Ask staff at circulation desk for these services.

  44. LIBRARY TECHNICIAN a graded, elective course In the future you may be interested in taking our course.

  45. You will learn a wide variety of workplace and academic skills that will help you in your “Life After High School” --whatever path you take.

  46. Remember We will do our best to help you locate/understand what you need for study, research, reading, writing and personal enjoyment

  47. Thank you from the Library Staff! We invite you to make the Library one of your favorite places on campus!

  48. Questions? FYI- this Power Point is posted to the Library/Zadeh School Wires.

  49. Next Stay seated. Get out I.D. card or schedule if you do not have an I.D. yet.