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  1. Pen Students : Cheng-Li Hong 49912021 Yen-Chih Lai 49912077 Advisor: Ru-Li Lin teacher Department of Mechanical Engineering Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

  2. Directory • About Pen • History • Products • Movies • Conclusion • References

  3. About Pen • Calligraphic evolutionary version, is a water-based ink ink pen built to nib for writing instruments continued through gravity and capillary action.

  4. About Pen Refillable ink pen, ink supplement There are five common ways. 2.Pistons ink:The nib into the ink bottle, so water flooded the entire nib pen clockwise end of the piston rises inhalation ink 1.Replace the ink cartridge tube:Existing direct replacement ink tube

  5. About Pen 3.Withdrawing ink absorber:Piston filled with ink ink much the same way, the biggest difference this end blotter law does not directly immersed in the ink to the nib ink absorption, compared with piston save a lot of ink on the tip of the cleaning work 4.Ink suction pressure capsule:The tip was immersed in the ink, the ink after the ink suction tube pressed

  6. About Pen 5.Submarine ink 1 2 3 6 5 4

  7. History About storage pen earliest history can be traced back to the 10th century, the earliest water pens used until the 18th century.

  8. History • Early storage pen, the ink can not flow freely. People write about the pressure piston, the ink began to flow, after a while they have to press down to write, very convenient, and easy Loumo.

  9. History • In1883,Lewis Edson WatermanFather pens, the use of the principle of capillary pipette, found not only provide channels pen ink, had to have another channel to allow air in.

  10. History • After several experiments, both sides made ​​to swallow his tail like a tunnel for air to enter the middle leaving a straight road to let the ink flow, created the world's first use of "capillary principle" ink-pen, the pen can make out of water for effective control, no longer easily Loumo.

  11. Structure-Eversharp Doric • Eversharp Doric, This product is different from the largest pen has two characteristics of other products. • First, As shown, adjustable nib. Determined by adjusting the amount of ink nib can be free to decide to write a font weight of the text, this design can be described as a major breakthrough in the design of the pen profession

  12. Structure-Eversharp Doric • Second, it is designed for this leak ink pen device inside the body, by Figure 2 illustrates a mapping This design is still no other pen technology providers can imitate • Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the front cover does not cover pen chart. • Figure 2 is a schematic view of the pen cap lid.Green tablet for this product that is the most special part of the leak ink device Figure 1 Figure 2

  13. Movies • Delta Pens(Italian brand) • In Taiwan, visibility is not high, but it is the background to the Roman theme, the altar stylized pen

  14. Conclusion • Now 3C products, such as computer network information booming, making people the opportunity to describe the relative reduction in pen. However, the pen manufacturing technology continues to progress, from initial prototype to today's sophisticated. Whether in writing or in the appearance of fine degree smoothness are better than other writing utensils. • I hope in the future continuous improvement of production technology, the quality and volume of the pen can be more refined, in order to achieve a new era of civilization manpower pen.

  15. References • • •

  16. Thank you for listening