educational resources from the national atlas of spain n.
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Educational Resources from the National Atlas of Spain PowerPoint Presentation
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Educational Resources from the National Atlas of Spain

Educational Resources from the National Atlas of Spain

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Educational Resources from the National Atlas of Spain

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  1. Educational Resources from the National Atlas of Spain Concepción Romera, Alfredo del Campo and Judith Sánchez

  2. Summary • Background • Objectives • Methodology • Description of each educational resource • Conclusions

  3. Background • The National Atlas of Spain is a powerful tool to get to know Spain. The target audience is very broad: heterogeneous profiles and different needs. • A survey with geography teachers about the use of the National Atlas in classroom was done. • As result, the IGN-CNIG decided to develop and implement two educational resources on the National Atlas of Spain website.

  4. Objectives • To promote the usefulness of the contents of the SNA in the teaching field. • To supplyquality products based on cartography for the teaching of geography on the web.

  5. Methodology • Selection and classification of the geographical information (maps, images, graphics, figures, texts, etc) available in the SNA for different educational levels. • Pedagogical adaptation and in some cases, updating of the thematic cartography for the educational levels. • Creation and organization of the rest of the educational contents. • Web design and implementation of each educational resource.

  6. Description • Two web educational resources classified according to their use on different educational levels (primary school, secondary school and university): • Population in Spain • Spain through maps • The contents have been selected from the National Atlas of Spain. • Target audience: teacher and students

  7. Description : Population in Spain Analysis of the Spanish population, its distribution and organization. Three thematic groups: Knowledge of territory, Europe and Spain

  8. Description : Population in Spain Searchengine CONTENTS:-Maps • Fact sheets • Graphics.

  9. Description : Spain through the maps Synthesis of the general keys of Spanish Geography presented through a group of thematic maps Four thematic groups

  10. Description : Spain through the maps -Maps • Fact sheets • Graphics • Figures • Animations • Activities • Glossary

  11. Description : Spain through the maps

  12. Conclusions • These resources are excellent from an educational point of view. More than 300 maps and more than 100 graphics, figures, animations, etc. They can be browsed and downloaded free. • Many of these resources can be used directly in the classroom or will be useful in classes or demonstration activities preparation, or as resources for teachers' training and curriculum development • Our purpose is to continue working on the projects deepening and broadening them in different directions.