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  2. 1. Transfering a call • You are a switchboardoperataor, you are in charge of transferingcalls. • TIPS • Alwaysidentifyyourself and yourcompany. • Ask whoiscalling, note downnamesifnecessary. • Saytoholdon • Sayyou are transferingthecall

  3. A model conversation: Goodmorning! LTD Company, Rose Johnesspeaking. How can I helpyou? Riiiiiiiiing!!!!! Hi! Could I speakto Mr. Lopez, please? Who ‘s calling, please? ThisisMartjinVraussftung, from IT&T Couldyouspellthat, please? Of course, M-a-r-t-j-i-n (nextword) V-r-a-u-s-s-f-t-u-n-g Let me readthat back toyou:…. Correct? O.K, Holdon a minute…Puttingyouthrough.

  4. TASK1:Copy the expressions from the conversation and try to think of other options to say the same

  5. TASK 2: ROLE PLAY A PHONE CALL Youworkforthe” hotel Princetown” in England, You are in charge of theswitchboard. Answerthephone. Note downname, number and e-mail of thepersoncalling. Transfer thecall. You are … (invent a difficult name), You want to speak to Mr. Gonzalez. Phonecall record Caller’s name: _____________________ Caller’s phone #: ___________________ Caller’s e-mail: ____________________ Call trasnsfered to: _________________ Tip: when role playing a phonecallallwayssit back to back, itwillmakeit more realistic as whenyou are onthephoneyoucan’tseepeople’s faces and thisisthemaindifficulty

  6. 2. TAKING A MESSAGE • You are a Personal Assistant in a company. You are in charge of takingphonemessagesforyourBoss, whoisnotinn. • TIPS • Identifyyou and yourcompany • Identifythecaller. • Saythereasonforyourboss’sunavailability. • Offertotake a message. • Note downthemessage. • Sayyouwillpassitonasap.

  7. Modelconversation A: LTD Ltd. Mar Llucspeaking. May I helpyou? B: Hi! Thisis Francesco Motta, fromSystemsCo.I’dliketospeaktoMrDaniels, please A: I am sorry, but Mr. Danielsis in a meeting at themoment. May I take a message? B: Itisaboutourcontractforcomputermaintenance, I havesent a drafttohis mail and I wantedtomakesure he gotit. A: Ok, Let me note itdown… Couldyouspellyournameplease? B: F-R-A… B: I workforSystemsCo. I am the Sales Manager. A: allright. Let me readthat back toyou: Yournameis Francesco Motta, withdouble t, and youhavesent a draft of thecontractforcomputermaintenance. Sorry, whatisthename of yourco.? B: Thanks a lot. GoodBye. A: Ok, thankyouverymuch. I’llmakesure he getsthemessage. Goodbye!

  8. TASK 1. complete the call registry Callsregistry. Date: ___________ Caller’sname_________________________________________ Phone #: ____________________________________________ Subject: _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Actionstotake: _______________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

  9. TASK 2:Copy the expressions in the conversation and try to think of other options to say the same

  10. TASK 3. role play a conversation You are the P.A of Mr Ross. Answerthephone and takethemessage. Callsregistry. Date: ___________ Caller’sname_________________________________________ Phone #: ____________________________________________ Subject: _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Actionstotake: _______________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Ask for Mr. Ross. Invent a reasonforyourcall. Leave a message.

  11. Practice: Leaving a Message Student B: You are a receptionist at W&W. Student A would like to speak to Ms Braun, but she is out of the office. Take a message and make sure you get the following information: Name and telephone number - ask student A to spell the surname Message student A would like to leave for Ms Braun How late Ms Braun can call student A at the given telephone number Student A: You want to speak to Ms Braun about your account with her company, W&W. If Ms Braun isn't in the office, leave the following information: Your name Telephone number: 347-8910 (or use your own) Calling about changing conditions of your contract with W&W You can be reached until 5 o'clock at the above number. If Ms Braun calls after 5 o'clock, she should call 458-2416 Callsregistry. Date: ___________ Caller’sname_________________________________________ Phone #: ____________________________________________ Subject: _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Actionstotake: _______________________________________ ____________________________________________________

  12. Answeringthephone Goodmorning/afternoon/evening, York Enterprises, Elizabeth Jones speaking. Who'scalling, please? Introducingyourself Thisis Paul Smith speaking. Hello, thisis Paul Smith fromSpeakspeak International. Askingforsomeone Could I speakto John Martin, please? I'dliketospeakto John Martin, please. Couldyouput me throughto John Martin, please? Could I speaktosomeonewho … Explaining I'mafraidMr Martin isn't in at themoment. I'msorry, he's in a meeting at themoment. I'mafraidhe'sonanother line at themoment. Puttingsomeoneonhold Just a moment, please. Couldyouholdthe line, please? Holdthe line, please. Problems I'msorry, I don'tunderstand. Couldyourepeatthat, please? I'msorry, I can'thearyouverywell. Couldyouspeak up a little, please? I'mafraidyou'vegotthewrongnumber. I'vetriedtogetthroughseveral times butit'salwaysengaged. Couldyouspellthat, please? Puttingsomeonethrough Onemoment, please. I'llseeifMr Jones isavailable. I'llputyouthrough. I'llconnectyou. I'mconnectingyounow. Takinga message Can I take a message? Wouldyouliketoleave a message? Can I givehim/her a message? I'lltellMr Jones thatyoucalled I'llaskhim/hertocallyou as soon as possible. telephoning

  13. 3. Taking room reservations You are a receptionist at a hotel desk, you are in charge of takingroomreservations TIPS • Makesureyouhavealltheinformationaboutthe hotel. • Note downthereservation data and checkthatitiscorrect

  14. Model conversation R: Goodafternoon, Merrington Hotel, How can I helpyou? C: Hi! I’dliketobook a roomfor 2 nightsfornextweekend. R. Wouldyoulike a single, double, twinor suite? C: A twin, please. R: Let me checkifwehaveanythingavailable… yes, wehave a twinavailable. Wouldyoulike full board, halfboardoronlybreakfast? C: Halfboard, please, but, isitpossibletohavedinnerinstead of lunch? C: One more question, Do theroomshave air conditioning? R: Of course. R: Yes sir, they do. C: And one more thing, isthere a tubor a shower in thebathroom? R: In thetwinroomsthere are showers, sir. C: Ok, that’s fine. R: Couldyoupleasegive me a contactnumber, please? C: Yes, itis 657 89 08 R: Couldyougive me your full name, please? C: ThisisAndreiLuppude R: Allright. Let me readtheinformation back toyou: Youwant a twinroomforOctober 17th and 18th, withhalfboardfordinner. Yournumberis 657 89 08 and yournameAndreiLuppude. Isthatright? C: Yes, that’scorrect. Thankyouverymuch.. C: Goodbye R: thanksforcalling. Goodbye.

  15. Task 1: Note down vocabulary and expressions

  16. Task 2: role play a room reservation You are therecepcionist at the Washington Hotel. Answeranyquestions. Take a roomreservation and fill up theformbelow. Reservation number: 1345 Surname: _____________ Contact name: _______________ Arrival: _______________ Contact No. _________________ Nights: ______ Departure: ______________ Adults: _______ Child: ____ Rooms: ______ Room type: _______________ Board: _________________________________ Youwanttobook a roomfor 3 days in November. Itisfor 3 people. Ask ifthereis a parking, ifthereis TV in therooms and theprice of therooms. Sayifyouwant full board, halforjustbreakfast.

  17. Role play: booking a room A: You are Mr/Ms. Doupont. You want to book a room for 2 people for October 31st. You want to know how much are the rooms, if they have coffee and tea facilities and if they are having a Halloween Party. Room price: ___________ B: You work for California Hotel. Fill up the room reservation form below. Say that you are not having a Halloween Party, but that you can find information about any parties in town. Twins cost 80€, doubles 85€. Reservation number: 1345 Surname: _____________ Contact name: _______________ Arrival: _______________ Contact No. _________________ Nights: ______ Departure: ______________ Adults: _______ Child: ____ Rooms: ______ Room type: _______________ Board: _________________________________ Other: _________________________________

  18. C: You are Mr/Ms. Sowards. You want to book a room from November 2nd to November 4th. You need a single room. Ask if there is a bar in the hotel and what time it closes. You want breakfast and dinner. Room price: _______________ D: You work for K1 Hotel, fill the form below. The bar closes at 11 p.m. Singles cost 75€ Reservation number: 1345 Surname:_________ Contact name: _________ Arrival: _______________ Contact No. _______ Nights: ______ Departure: ______________ Adults: _______ Child: ____ Rooms: ______ Room type: _______________ Board: ________________________________ Other: __________________________________

  19. E: You are Mr./Ms. Sloterdjik. You need to book a room for 3 for December 24th and 25th. Ask if they do anything special for Christmas. Ask how much would everything be. Book or don’t book the room. Price: ____________ F: You work for the Sheraton Hotel. There are no double rooms available for the 24th and 25th. Only a suit is left. The suit costs 200€ and the Christmas Party 50€/person. Reservation number: 1345 Surname: ________ Contact name: ______ Arrival: __________ Contact No. _______ Nights: ______ Departure: ______________ Adults: _______ Child: ____ Rooms: ______ Room type: _______________ Board: _________________________________ Other. __________________________________