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Natural Disasters PowerPoint Presentation
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Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

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Natural Disasters

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  1. Natural Disasters Dealing with the unexpected

  2. How strong is Mother Nature? What might be the impact of this cyclone on Myanmar and its people?

  3. The shocking reality…

  4. Over 15 million people were affected by Katrina whether it was due to the economy, evacuations, gas prices, or even drinking water. An estimated 400,000 jobs were lost as a result of Hurricane Katrina sending the Gulf Coast into a financial crisis. It has been reported that 275,000 homes were lost as a result of the hurricane, which is ten times as many as any other natural disaster in US history. The final death toll of Hurricane Katrina was 1,836 people, which made it the third deadliest hurricane in US history. Unfortunately, 705 people are reported as still missing as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina cost the United States an estimated $110 billion in damages, which made it the costliest hurricane ever in US history. The United States government gave out a reported $1.4 billion as fake assistance to hurricane Katrina Victims, who used the money clandestinely. Federal investigators found out that men and women were using donation assistance for their personal life such as football season tickets and even long vacations. What are we left with?

  5. Aerial Photo Greensburg, KS after 2008 tornado… What would you do if this was your home and you had no where else to go?

  6. Sichuan Province China EarthquakeMay 12, 2008 - Beichuan County

  7. We forget how important a simple thing like a road can be…

  8. Tears of fear? Tears of joy? Both?

  9. Effects of Natural Disasters on Populations Landslide Dam Failure Building Collapse Transport Disrupted Utility Malfunction Building Collapse Flash Flood Fire Explosion Chemical Spill Fire Fire Explosion Pollution Utility Failure Building Collapse