t siya day school culture and language project indicators 1 6 13 n.
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T’siya Day School Culture and Language Project Indicators 1, 6, & 13 PowerPoint Presentation
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T’siya Day School Culture and Language Project Indicators 1, 6, & 13

T’siya Day School Culture and Language Project Indicators 1, 6, & 13

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T’siya Day School Culture and Language Project Indicators 1, 6, & 13

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  1. T’siya Day SchoolCulture and Language Project Indicators 1, 6, & 13 Indicator One The School provides training for all staff on local history, culture, customs and values. Examples: Whole staff received training from Bilingual Teacher on the Zia Symbol and what it represents. Staff also received 4 hours of workshops on the history of the Zia people, their culture, customs and values. Result: In May the Governor reported to the Principal that the Tribal Council believes the school is headed in the right direction. Good people who want to understand the Zia people and want to assist in the learning process while valuing their culture and how they do things.

  2. The school includes tribal elders, speakers, and leaders in planning and providing school events that features Native American culture, customs and values. • Examples: • Head of Buffalo Clan assisted with the Thanksgiving presentations • Different elders assisted in the BuffaloDance during the Christmas Celebration • Food for all events was properly blessed by the Governor or his designee. • Proper Pray and Blessings at all events at the School this past year by tribal elders. • Elders invited to all celebrations/events. Result: Again, at the conclusion of the school year in May the Governor reported that the Tribal Council was pleased with T’siya Day School. Elders are involved with what is going on with the school. It was reported this wasn’t consistent in the past. No One Cares How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You CareIndicator Six

  3. All students receive instruction in the basic of the prevailing tribal language and an opportunity to use the language. • Examples • Thanksgiving; students speak introducing themselves, their tribal name and their clan in Keres. It continues at the Christmas exchange. In Bilingual class this school year they learn basic language. • Results: In cooperation with the Educational Liaison of the tribe six elders, leaders have been hired and they are working on conversation language with the children. The classes are at T’siya Day School and the Bilingual teacher is now involved. The next step is to get a volunteer male and work with the students and their families on their language as well as their traditions which is taught in the homes. The school with the goal set by the Board of Education will build a language program that is blessed and approved by the Governor and Tribal Council. Culture and Language T’siya Day School

  4. T’siya will be servant leaders. • Staff will continue to learn and help students • Governor and Tribal Council and School Board will take the lead in Development of Program • Language will be taught at least twice a week • Monthly activities at school that will embrace the Zia Culture and Language. 2013/14 Culture and Language Project T’siya Day School