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Accessing BANNER PowerPoint Presentation
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Accessing BANNER

Accessing BANNER

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Accessing BANNER

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Accessing BANNER

  2. From “Benefits” Tab, Click on “Internet Native Banner”

  3. Setup A Grant

  4. How to Setup a Grant • Complete OSP Green Sheet • Complete New Fund Checklist • FTMAGCY: Adding a Sponsor • FRAGRNT: Adding Personnel • FRAGRNT: Adding a Grant • FTMFUND: Adding Funds • Adding Budget starts on slide: • FRAGRNT: Adding Cost Codes • Adding Billing events starts on slide: • **This How To uses an already established “New Fund Checklist.” Things in bold come directly off the checklist. If you do not have a checklist you will have to fill one out.

  5. Complete OSP Green Sheet

  6. Complete New Fund Checklist

  7. See Appropriate Slides of Instructions for Information to fill out this section


  9. Select drop-down to see if agency exists

  10. Query agency in “Last Name” field using “%NameOfAgency%”; Execute Query If agency does not exist, it needs to be added

  11. Click Icon; Result: Common matching entry form opens if common matching is activated. Select matching source code. Enter name of agency in non-person name field; Click Save/YES/OK. Result: Agency code maintenance form or FTMAGCY opens with new agency name. Click “Next Block” to continue. Enter individual name in contact field. Enter Organization Code in Predecessor field. See following Slides for Screen Shots

  12. Select Address type; enter all address info associated with sponsor. Address type, Sequence #, City/State/Zip/Nation are required fields. If additional addresses are needed for same sponsor, use “Next Record” function. Click Save; Return to Agency Information Tab NOTE: Include Invoicing Address

  13. Enter Default Address Type and Sequence Number; This address will default into individual grant records. Save and Exit


  15. Enter CFDA and Sponsor ID

  16. Cost Code Tab

  17. Complete Indirects section only if indirects are included in grant. Do NOT complete Cost Share section Save and Exit

  18. Adding Personnel in FRAGRNT

  19. Enter Grant Code; Click “Next Block”

  20. Click “Personnel;” Check Title, Phone, Email Click “Report/Billing Format”

  21. Select Appropriate Code

  22. Type FOAIDEN; Enter

  23. 1. Enter ID# or “Generate ID” 2. Next Block 3. Complete Section 4. Click Save. Exit


  25. Billing Distribution Setup

  26. Start date is always July 1 of fiscal year grant is established (if grant start October, 2012, start date is 7/1/2012). Unbilled AR Account: See Checklist

  27. Enter Valid Account Codes Always 1A

  28. Options; Select “FRMFUND”

  29. Tab to Cost Codes—Info should populate; if not, enter indirect cost code from drop-down menu. NOTE: Do NOT enter cost share data. Enter billing accounts receivable from checklist Save and Exit


  31. NOTE: FRABUDG can also be accessed from Options menu within FRAGRNT

  32. Enter Brief Description