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WE : Mentor

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WE : Mentor

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WE : Mentor

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  1. WE : Mentor 22.-23. June 2012 EDEM Greece

  2. WE:MENTOR History, Background Workshops, Results Gender Equality through EVS International Mentoring EVS PR and Dissemination Trainings, Meetings, Conferences YiA Austria, Bulgaria, Project Partners, Members

  3. WE:MENTOR Main page

  4. WE:MENTOR Project

  5. WE:MENTOR Partners

  6. WE:MENTOR Workshops

  7. WE:MENTOR Calendar

  8. WE:MENTOR Media

  9. WE:MENTOR WoMentor webpage

  10. Compliment Card

  11. Folder

  12. WE:MENTOR Information material A4 We:Mentor T-Shirt WoMentor Newsletter Social Media Partners Websites Information and dissemination activities Networks

  13. WoMentorEuropean Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women General Assembly 23. June 2012 EDEM Greece

  14. WoMentor Gender Equality through Mentoring

  15. AIMS Promote principles/policies of equal opportunities Promote social change through working with individuals and their communities Fighting stereotypes/stereotypical thinking Support “decent” employment opportunities Empower girls and women Exchange information, know-how, good practice

  16. Our Values Active participation and cooperation Share of know-how Gender sensitive No discrimination Value diversity Confidentiality Mutual respect and mutually beneficial Focus on strengths

  17. Main Activities Support – Network – Lobbying Members – Participants – Girls - Women Common projects: EU - International Research, Dissemination and Public Relations To force and support the participation of (young) women

  18. Our Vision Within 5 years -a permanent and independent office and staff working for the Federation. increased its number of members and has members also from outside of EU. quality criteria on work Womentor award certificate for mentors and trainers of mentors is well recognized and respected. 

  19. Recent Activities

  20. European Guidelines Background, Definition and Aims Ethic Code, Values, Mentors, Mentees  Methods, Different types, Support for Mentors  Relationship between mentor and mentee Mentoring process  Evaluation, Monitoring Quality Standards Best Practice Gender Aspect

  21. Recent Activities Registered Lobbying and EVS Organization - CO,SE,HO Master Work Irene Kudi Intercultural Competence in social projects “WoMentor goes East” Presentation WoMentor/We:Mentor Trainings, Meetings, Conferences -YiA Austria, BG, Members and Project Partners

  22. Recent Activities WoMentor goes East WoMentor world wide Cybermentoring Operating grant Citizen brokerage EVS

  23. Current Projects and Activities

  24. Current projects and Activities EVS Accreditation Sending, Hosting Coordinating Organization Projects Gender Equality through EVS Volunteering in Learning Organizations AT, EE, GR, LV, RO

  25. WE : Mentor

  26. Current projects WE:MENTOR Lifelong Learning- Grundvig  2010-2012 Programme coordinators - share knowledge and best practice

  27. Future Project and Activities

  28. Future projects and Activities “WoMentor –Entrepreneurship” European training programme/ European Handbook combine mentoring/ entrepreneurship higher education institutes young women / educators stimulate an innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set sustainable and greener SME

  29. Future projects and Activities 2014 - European Parliament Elections democracy project gender issues young women on raising awareness and sharing information PR / dissemination

  30. Future projects and Activities Partners: United Nation Woman Fund: Operating grant / political empowerment Mobildonne – Work Life Balance – Expert/Speaker „European Civil Contact Points”- IDA Networking Lobbying PR and Dissemination

  31. Future projects and Activities Presentations: Ladybiz European Youth Forum: Guidelines IDA network European Masters in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management

  32. Future projects and Activities In progress: Grundvig Operating grant Project: Workplace safty - EDEM Health / Migrants - Centras EVS International Mentoring / Management - projectoffice

  33. Finances

  34. Finances 2008 - 2011 Income 2011: € 7114,86 € 100 Project Office: Membership fee EU-EVS project Astrid Mats € 7.014,40 Interests € 0,46 Expenses 2011: € 5,32 for Accounting Saldo: € 7.109,54

  35. Budget 2012 Income: Membership fee: € 600,- Expenses: Administrative costs; Internet, communication, PR, Co-Fi EVS projects: Income: € 10.534,86 Expenses : € 10.534,86

  36. Greece Betty Rouni “Greek women´s engineering association” www.edem-net.gr Romania Roxana Diaconu „Regional Centre for Sustainable Rural Development” www.centras-constanta.ro United Kingdom Marina Larios „Inova“ www.inovaconsult.com Latvia  Baiba Rivza „International Zonta Jelgava Club Board Members Austria  Gerlinde Hacker, President „Projectoffice for innovative social policy“ www.projectoffice.at  Estonia  Astrid Mats „MTÜ Öökull - Youth and Children Center“ www.ookull.ee  Germany  Sylvia Kegel „German Association of Women Engineers“ www.dibev.de 

  37. Germany  Mädchenzentrum Café Dauerwelle  maedchenzentrum@hausneuerkamp.de  www.maedchenzentrum-os.de  Italy  Euro-net  euro-net@memex.it  www.synergy-net.info  Latvia  Latvian Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences lmzn@lza.lv www.llmza.lv Turkey  Balkaya Youth And Sports Club Associate  info@balkaya.com.tr  www.balkaya.org.tr Members Austria The Austrian National Youth Council office@jugendvertretung.at www.jugendvertretung.at Bulgaria  People to People International – Chapter Plovdiv ptpi_plovdiv@yahoo.com  www.ptpe.org  Bulgaria  Club Young Scientists office@cys.bg www.cys.bg Czech Republic  Association Filia sdruzenifi lia@ok.cz www.sdruzenifi lia.cz