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EHR Incentive Program Registration & Attestation Tips for the Eligible Professionals Marlene Hodges & Denise War PowerPoint Presentation
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EHR Incentive Program Registration & Attestation Tips for the Eligible Professionals Marlene Hodges & Denise War

EHR Incentive Program Registration & Attestation Tips for the Eligible Professionals Marlene Hodges & Denise War

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EHR Incentive Program Registration & Attestation Tips for the Eligible Professionals Marlene Hodges & Denise War

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  1. EHR Incentive Program Registration & Attestation Tips for the Eligible ProfessionalsMarlene Hodges & Denise WarrenJune 8, 2011

  2. Objectives Medicare and Medicaid Review • Program eligibility • Steps to Registration • Steps to Attestation

  3. Eligible Professionals Medicare-only Eligible Professionals Medicaid-only Eligible Professionals Could be eligible for either Medicare & Medicaid incentives

  4. EP Eligibility: Medicare Basics • Must be a physician (defined as MD, DO, DDM/DDS, optometrist, podiatrist, chiropractor) • Must have Part B Medicare allowed charges • Must not be hospital-based • Must be enrolled in PECOS, living

  5. In order to register • NPPES (i.e., NPI) web user account • Medicare EPs must be enrolled in PECOS • Determine who will receive the payment

  6. In order to get a payment • Medicare EPs • Meaningfully use certified EHR technology • Attest to all program requirements, • MU requirements • get EHR certification number from CHPL

  7. Register-Attest-Get Paid! Medicare • Now • Go to the CMS EHR Incentive Program website • Click on the tab for Registration • Complete your registration • Attest • Return to your registration and click on the Attestation tab and complete your program attestations

  8. Now we’re ready to register! What’s next? Download Registration User’s Guide

  9. Registration Home Page Enter the EHR Incentive Program URL into your web browser Click CONTINUE to start the registration process. TIPS To determine your eligibility, click on the CMS website. For a list of Eligible Professionals (EPs), click on the +sign next to Eligible Professionals.

  10. Click on REGISTER in the Action column to continue the registration process. TIPS “Resubmit”, “Modify”, “Cancel” and “Reactivate” are the available Action hyperlinks for returning users Only one action can be performed at a time on this page. If the user selects the Action hyperlink of “Register” or “Resubmit” they will be directed to the Topics for Registration screen.


  12. Attestation User Guide: Download!

  13. Ready to ATTEST!

  14. Attestation • Attestation Worksheet is available at: EP_Attestation_Worksheet.pdf

  15. Attestation • EPs will: • Fill in numerators and denominators for the meaningful use objectives and clinical quality measures (Hint: A complete EHR system will provide a report of the numerators, denominators and other info.) • Indicate if you qualify for exclusions to specific objectives • Legally attest that you have successfully demonstrated meaningful use.

  16. Attestation • To attest for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program in your 1st year of participation, you will need to have met MU for a consecutive 90-day reporting period. • If your initial attestation fails, you can select a different 90-day reporting period that may partially overlap with a previously reported 90-day period.

  17. Third Party • CMS now allows an EP to designate a third party to register and attest on his or her behalf for the Medicare Incentive Program. • To do so, users working on behalf of an EP must have an Identity and Access Management System (I&A) web user account (User ID/Password), and be associated to the EP's NPI.

  18. Attestation • Providers will qualify for a Medicare EHR incentive payment upon completing a successful online submission through the Attestation System • Immediately after you submit your results you will see a summary of your attestation, and whether or not it was successful.

  19. Receiving the money! • Payments will be made approximately 4 to 8 weeks after an EP meets the program requirements • Payments will be made to the TIN you selected at the time you registered • Have questions about your EHR incentive payment? DON'T: Call your MAC/carrier/fiscal intermediary with questions DO: Call the EHR Information Center  1-888-734-6433

  20. Audits • Will CMS conduct audits?  Any provider attesting to receive an incentive payment for either the Medicare or Medicaid EHR Incentive Program potentially may be subject to an audit.

  21. Attestation Guides & Resources Click on “Attestation” from left column • Attestation User Guide for Medicare EPs • Meaningful Use Attestation Calculator • Attestation Worksheet for EPs  • Electronic Specifications for Clinical Quality Measures (CQM)

  22. IFMC Q & A

  23. Iowa Medicaid EHR Incentive Payment Program For Eligible Professionals (EPs)

  24. Medicaid Eligibility • HITECH Act provides Medicaid incentive payments for EPs who: • Adopt • Implement • Upgrade • Or • Meaningfully use certified EHR technology • Attest to meeting all program requirements

  25. Patient Threshold Eligibility

  26. Medicaid Payment by Calendar Year

  27. Patient Volume Threshold Calculated based on number of Medicaid encounters (primary & secondary) Total Medicaid patient encounters in any 90-day period in the previous calendar year divided by Total patient encounters in that same 90-day period

  28. Medicaid - Register, Attest, Get Paid! • Complete CMS EHR Incentive Program registration on website • Go to IMPA and complete the eligibility verification and attestation • Payments are made by the state no later than 5 months after you attest; most sooner IME has already distributed $4.5 million in incentive payments $

  29. Iowa Medicaid Portal Access (IMPA) • Each EP needs his/her own account • Create an account if one does not already exist • Info needed to create an application: • Individual NPI • Individual TIN (SSN) • CMS EHR Registration Certification ID # • Wait a day – application info is processed overnight

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  31. IMPA