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Penn Poker

Penn Poker. (our first meeting). (grab some fruit and, you know, mingle). “How can a person become a better investor?”. " Learn how to play poker .". -Peter Lynch. The GPSTS. The Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society

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Penn Poker

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  1. Penn Poker (our first meeting) (grab some fruit and, you know, mingle)

  2. “How can a person become a better investor?” "Learn how to play poker." -Peter Lynch

  3. The GPSTS • The Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society • Charles Nesson (Harvard), Arnold Barnett (MIT), Lawrence Lessig (Stanford) • Poker is an “exceptional game of skill that can be used as a powerful teaching tool for strategic thinking, geopolitical analysis, risk assessment, and money management”

  4. What Were We Thinking? • The psychology of poker (deceit and incomplete information) • Decisions under pressure (true learning is dependant on feedback) • Risk management (risk-reward analysis and opportunity costs)

  5. How We Roll • First and foremost: we’re about playing poker • Strategy, analysis, and business skills • Workshops, speakers, other strategy games • National Collegiate Poker Tournament (in March) • Penn Poker Open (this Fall) • David Sklansky

  6. Reactions to Poker and the GPSTS • Ohmygawd I can’t play poker • I just play with friends • Isn’t gambling illegal? • I’m paying my tuition with poker winnings – what could this group really offer me?

  7. From Wall St. to the Pro Poker Tour • David Apostolico business attorney, poker pro, author • February 21st (a Thursday) • 6:00 pm • JMHH G50 • Greek Lady

  8. How To Join Us • Get on the listserv (email axelsen@wharton.upenn.edu) • Join the facebook group • Board Positions (a quick and easy app if you’re interested) • Come to “From Wall Street to the Pro Poker Tour” • National Collegiate Poker Tournament (seriously, we need five players)

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